Locomotion seems to use the center of playspace instead of headset position

The game uses the center of my playspace to determine player position for purposes of locomotion. It would be nice if it used headset position.

To see what I mean find any obstacle like an herb to harvest, move away from it in your room, then slide towards it. You won’t be able to get to it. Or going up and down the ramps to bezoula, you can get hung up going down the center of the ramp but be fine going down an edge if you aren’t centered in your play space.

I think for the sake of room scale, the player position moving from the center works more effectively. But that’s because I have had enough experiences with loosing track of where I am and walking into walls!

I also like sliding the playspace up to various object based on me being stood in a corner and walking ‘into an area’ such as a tent or some such.

Fundamentally I think that having the center of the play space to determine player position means you are naturally pulled into the center of the room, meaning you will also ways have 360’ of playspace around you, rather than backing yourself into a corner and not being able to interact with what is behind you without running back into the center the room (at which point it’s where the game naturally assumes you are anyway).

Still its a very valid point when its affecting locomotion around certain areas

It would be helpful for a tick mark to turn off/on such a feature. i have 360, but steam always breaks on setup, so my ‘center’ is not center. Makes it very difficult when harvesting.


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