Locomotion: Stutter Slide (or Teleport Options)

“Stutter slide” is the best name I can think for this. Basically, it’s a mix between slide and teleport: you slide in a direction, but you don’t actually move until you let go, like teleport. There’s just a cursor sliding along the ground in your chosen direction. So controls would be similar to slide, but the experience would be similar to teleport.

Ideally, when you slide into the edge for max stamina, you may also automatically teleport without having to release/press again. This would be great for the converted teleport crowd. Looking at slide locomotion steamers, they have to give so little attention to movement by comparison.

Alternatively/additionally, more locomotion options for the teleport crowd would be lovely. Anything to make teleport competitive with slide in terms of ease of use. Auto teleport, targeting past the edge being treated as the nearest point to that target still in range, what have you. As it stands now, walking around with teleport is a downright chore, sadly.

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