Long Term Kill Mission(spiked pistoler)

I enjoy grinding and killing mobs so naturally when the long term missions came out I thought the kill missions would be my favorite. Unfortunately, as it stands, I will never complete the long term mission for killing mobs. The reason for this is the spiked pistoler scav only spawns in one location of the game (that I know of) and there are only 1 or 2 of them at any time. The mission requires the player to kill 340 of these. The amount of time it would take killing these mobs to complete the mission is insane and incredibly boring.

Please consider fixing this… here are some suggestions:

  1. Add spiked pistolers to wastelands at higher level(30+)
  2. Increase the amount and frequency that they spawn
  3. Remove them from the long term mission requirement
  4. Reduce the number needed

Hey Kefka, they actually have 3 spawn points, 2 of them in hulthines and 1 next to the nomads hut in flooded rainforest, the key is clearing out all the mobs that can potentially spawn back in as spiked pistolers.

All of the mobs next to the nomads hut can spawn as pistolers, so clear that out, then I teleport to hulthines and start heading toward oceans edge, there are 3 mobs just next to the teleporter than can spawn as a void minion, a bucket scav, or a spiked pistoler, you can tell them apart because they don’t have the elite white square around the name, should be green triangles, clear all 3 out then head to the next little zone toward oceans edge with all the big purple guys, shield guys, spiked pistolers, void minions, clear them all out if they have a green triangle because they can spawn back as pistolers as well, then teleport back to flooded rainforest to clear that again.

Took me probably a total of 5 hours to clear all the scavs for the quest but just doing that rotation will get you enough reagents to keep teleporting each time, you can clear it all out in 3-4 mins per round and clear anywhere from 0 to 12 spiked pistolers per run (more or less depending on luck of the spawn)

edit: Definitely agree with you that there should be more spawns though, don’t get me wrong. This is just advice to get you through it in the meantime. I really think they need more locations because they are the only one that tends to gatekeep that quest for people.


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