Looking for a 2020 roadmap

Question is in the title. I’m just lookin for a 2020 roadmap, mainly wondering if a new class is in the works. I’ve got a buddy that’s on the fence about playing because he only rolls rogue/assassin classes in the games we play. Thanks guys!


Ill answer before devs. Probably not. As for a roadmap it should be coming within the next week.

I asked about the 2020 road map in the orbus discord and a dev responded that early this week a blog post will be released about whats the come


You can do a search on forums after melee-classes, there is tons of discussions on these (and why they likely won’t come, as it poses multiple issues, partly due to the vr format but also due to how existing boss mechanics work overall).

Closest thing to a rogue would be the scoundrel. Or Teacher Ranger, hitting crit spots as your “sneak attack”.

The best addition to this game would be the addition of the old orbus’s world along side this one!

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We’ll have a blog post talking about some of the stuff we’re working on for this year pretty soon, should be this week. :slight_smile:


OwO, notices ur blog post
What’s dis? A Woadmap of Twenuwunty twenuwunty?

Dear god no


Is it still going to be this week?

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It’s up now

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