Looking for a group/fellowship

I have been meaning to get back into the game after taking a break during the summer and was looking for a fellowship that is active throughout the week. I do not mind the fellowship stats or who is in it. I am level 20 with some level 1 and 2 shard gear and am looking on a group to play with to work my way up with, as well as enjoy the events and have just hang out. I am in the est (eastern) time zone as well so the best times would be mountain and central other than eastern.


Do you already have a fellowship? If not, PM me on discord Tartarus#4696.

Uhm sorry for the late response i kind of lost this post since i have been busy, but if you are still willing to add me in a group i would be more than happy to take you up on that offer. Thanks for responding.

Please PM me on discord. Tartarus Keres#4696
I will also need your in game name as well.