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We are going to start using the pop up system we have implemented that shows you a screen at login, to try and get more information to players in game when they reach certain levels in game. For instance when a player reaches level 5, when the player logs in next time it will tell them about the talent system and how to select a talent.

I was looking for some feedback from the playerbase as to what they feel is important information players might not readily know (not class specific information) like a level 30 there are overleveling perks you can select.

You can either just post the information below, or let me know what level you feel it would be most appropriate to, like level 8 give information on random dungeon queue and how there is a reward for the first run everyday.


Hoooooooo boy, here we go!

Combat is deadly. This isn’t your typical MMO where you can take 30 mobs at once.

This game is skill based. It WILL take time to get the hang of things.

Yes, the casting recognition system is working properly.

Dungeon Queue dungeons scale, so you’ll be fine going in as a low level.

Dungeon and Raid Queue give bonus XP for the first run each day.

You get a “Roll” once per day in shard dungeons. This will give you a guaranteed piece of equipment at that level of dungeon.

The best way to level up is to do missions from the vendors in Highsteppe.

Whether you get a fish while fishing is determined the moment the lure hits the water, so you can reel in quickly without losing the chance of fish biting.

The Auction House has a 2% fee everytime you buy or sell anything on there. Factor that in when making purchases.

Bard has two mallets. I know you said not class specific, but the number of times I’ve blown people’s minds by telling them that…

Dev Slayer is a title, not a Dev.

Different materials are found in different parts of the world. You’ll have to explore the realm if you want to get different alchemy and artificing materials.

People with the Dev Slayer title are not Devs.

Fish are found in different parts of the world. You may have to go to specific bodies of water for certain fish.

Please, for the love of god, Dev Slayer =/= Dev.

How long X potions last for.

Anybody can create or join a Fellowship.

Warrior Shield doesn’t block projectiles or magic (Again, class specific, but again, something new players don’t understand).

Youtube is a valuable source of knowledge.

Tiles are like custom enchantments that increase your damage and healing by performing certain actions.

Each day you get 5 Mission Credits. You can’t hold more than 25. Use them to get missions to level up and get rewards!

Consider joining the unofficial Discord (or would that make it official?)

Always feel free to ask for help. The community is pretty friendly!

Turning on PvP means you WILL drop all tradeable items if you die. Anybody in PvP can pick it all back up. Nobody is under any obligation to fight fair. Turning on PvP means you’re consenting to getting murdered.

Every class is viable at every level of the game, so don’t feel pressured to play one class over another.

There are normal, rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (Orange) gear. You can use the glimmering shards to reroll epic affixes (weapon affixes being things like ice heart, bleed, giant killer) (Armour affixes being things like increased super charge, increased projectile damage).

Major and minor shards Can be used to trade up into glimmering shards.

Make sure to take advantage of all the different chests in your house if you need additional storage.

The runes in your journal are more accurate than the runes on pillars (potential fix coming?)

You can use sliding locomotion and teleport to get faster speed in combat.

Polymorph doesn’t work on Elite enemies.

Some missions are designed to be done as a group. If you’re having trouble, try teaming up!

Will Edit as I think of more


shoot da bad guys in da face!

Mishka has some great ones. Here are some more that i wish more info was available on when i was a sprout:

  1. How to breed/get dragons
  2. How to properly race dragons and that you cant make them faster
  3. That you should try dungeon queues soon after hitting level 15-20 to get exposed to teamwork and more advanced combat mechanics [edited]
  4. Save all materials, shard pieces and dyes instead of selling them for pennies
  5. That you could potentially make much more money in the auction house with some of the more rare and in-demand materials [edited]
  6. That you should use the GRINDER from the beginning when you’re clearing out mobs to get additional rewards when they really matter as you’re leveling up [edited]
  7. Any information at all on Raids
  8. Any information at all on Goblin
  9. Any information at all on rolling affixes
  10. Some information on what different Stats like int, wisdom, str do for what class
  11. Some information on how to use the compass in a party
  12. That you can point at monsters to see their name
  13. That Dev Slayers are not Devs :confused:

Ehm, no? The opposite is the case, it was said times and times again here that the most frustrating experiences - for both sides, new players and the group - are groups where players join in their first couple hours. You should learn your class, get used to vr controls, level up, and then slowly start dungeons (if at all… the xp from there is neglectible, dungeon gear you overlevel in an hour, so you can as well level to 30 first). There’s an achievement “dungeon ready” for a reason and for reborn it actually should not be 8 but even higher.
The mobs in 2 of the queue dungeons are level 10-based, the mobs in the other 2 are level 20-based, so if you’re way below that, despite levelscaling (which is not 1:1, it still puts too low players several levels below mob level), you can barely contribute.

More money in the auction house: Questionable for most common materials, like those from chests. Imo you’re better off selling these rightaway to vendors instead of letting them rot in the AH for 3 days.
There’s other tipps needed for the Auction House though, like:

  • clear information on the AH fee for sellers/buyers (percentage)
  • information/warning that items are listed 3 days and can’t be put out if they were set to bid and someone bid on them

Grinder: well you cant use it “everywhere you go”, only on mobs which are not too low level for the current stage it is in… and this definitly needs more explanation.

Other tipps are fine.


Sorry, yes, i stand corrected. I meant as soon as you’re the “appropriate level” but i do think it should happen sometime before you’re 30… perhaps around 15-20. I think it’s really important because it exposes you to a lot more teamwork and also provides you some basic dungeon training before getting exposed to shards etc once you hit 30.


maybe something about the raids once you hit level 30

edit: somebody said this already im not special


Also have had questions about these things as i was “growing up” but not sure what the appropriate method of presenting this information is to the user aside from the obvious community wiki’s and tribal knowledge:

  • Getting started in Artificing… perhaps some tips or even a tutorial around one similar to Tinkering
  • Difficult to find information such as different types of boss mutations, monster spells and mechanics… personally i think there should be Mob sections in the Player book that will unlock after you kill a sufficient number of a certain enemy or maybe tag it
  • That different versions/levels of tools such as harvesters, mounts etc have no functional difference and are transmog only
  • That you will NEVER… ever… ever… find anything for your wrist slot :frowning: no matter how hard you look…
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Not sure if this was said (I’m not reading all that mishka!!!) where different things are. For example, where Darius is, where to get your weapons, that your mic is on by default, that class info is in the back of your journal, how pvp and world pvp works, that if you turn on world pvp you are consenting to being killed

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Reitterate that Mage is an advanced class…

if you are having dificulties, to ask a more experianced Mage. We tend to be friendly and will help you.


Ahh , new issue I’ve heard
Poor greenleafs going to MSQ rainforest before level 5 … might want a general level range for zones to pop up somewhere.

Oh yeah like a pop up in front of your face like the trickster token

Thanks for all the tips, what about some level specific ones. Say for Level 15,20,25---- Anything you wish you new about the game as a whole (like about dungeon queues, talents, etc)

Say for Level 15,20,25---- Anything you wish you new about the game as a whole (like about dungeon queues, talents, etc)
Heres an example of our WIP Level 5 popup.


Aside from things already outlined above, some of which could definitely be categorized by levels, some tip examples i could think of are:

  • Zone specific “encouragements” such as: “Welcome to Level 10! Try venturing out to the Lavamora and seeing what’s been left behind on the battlefield …” etc…
  • or “Welcome to Level 21! Do you still find it difficult to venture around the Wasteland trying to get to that Crown Foil? Try using a Masked Scent potion to help you navigate around the more difficult enemies.”
  • Combat boost tips: “Welcome to level 12! If you find that you’re having difficulties with a lot of the enemies your level, make sure you are updating your weapon or try taking a Strength potion to boost your physical damage or Intelligence to boost your magic damage for a whole hour!”
  • Random game tips: “Welcome to level 4! Did you know that breaking down equipment unlocks the transmogs in your closet and allows you to customize your character at any time for a small fee?”
  • or “Welcome to level 13! Have you been to your personal Library yet? Sometimes deeper knowledge can be found beyond the bookshelves… :astonished:”

Ooo good idea … have like loading window tool tips appear while loading between zones if tut win enabled. Like the patreal red tail splash screen of old.

Maybe everytime you load so player house fellowship etc have a pop up center screen that prioritizes level specific content then goes away quickly but Is in your combat log …

Also add a book of tips of all of them somewhere amusing.

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