Lore and Loremaster Kickstarter Reward

Hello everyone!

Let me start by saying that I found this game through Kickstarter yesterday and since then I’ve been obsessed with learning as much as I can about it. I’m very excited to meet others in the community, learn more about the game, and get my first taste of gameplay when alpha testing starts.

Now that the intro is out of the way let’s move on to the main topic. I’ve read the information available on the site and a quick search here turned up that most of the lore will be discovered in game. I was just wondering if a Loremaster would have access to additional information surrounding the game lore. One of my reservations (aside from dropping $250 on a game I’ve known about for approximately one day) is not knowing enough about the lore to be able to create an item name and description that meshes with it.

If there are additional info repositories that I’ve missed please feel free to point me in that direction and I apologize for the premature post. I’m just in a hurry to learn and don’t want to miss the Loremaster reward window if that’s something I decide to go in on.

Thanks for reading!

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From what I can gather, you don’t need to name an item. You can name a secret boss, or name an npc after you, or just say you would like to have a weapon that looks like this in the game. Although if your looking for more lore, and want something that fits in the story, Riley sometimes throws bits of lore in blog posts when he talks about the game, so you could look there. From personal experience, I can tell you that if you love mmos, you will love this game, and that it is worth the $100 or more to play it while in alpha.

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Hey Jonathan,
Think of it this way, the item you might want to see in the game might become the lore of the game itself. You name the item and suggest unique properties or looks. It might have a short description, and who knows maybe there will be a boss in a dungeon later on anmed after the item to expand the lore itself.
What I am trying to say is, you will have to kind of adapt what you want to the game world but at the same time the stuff that you make will become the lore of the game not vice-versa I think. I hope this helps.

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@Liam_D Thanks for the tip on the dev blog! I’ve started reading through some of the posts there as I’m able so I’ll keep digging.

I could go the route of naming an NPC or monster, but I really like the idea of being able to provide some input on a unique item other players could acquire and use. Maybe I’m going overboard, but I’m a bit of a sucker for lore and just a good story in general so if I could contribute something meaningful to that I’d be excited to do so.

Also, I’m way ahead of you on the alpha testing. I missed the early bird by about 20 minutes from what I gathered reading the comments, but I hit the late bird fast so you’ll definitely see me around in alpha!

@Unrivalled_Super_Hot That’s an interesting take on the lore adapting to the item. I hadn’t really thought of that, but it only furthers my drive to learn and come up with something that meshes in the hopes that it is something that people become attached to.

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All of the information so far in this thread is correct…I mean there’s no hard-and-fast rule about how it’s going to work, it will be an individual process for each backer. Your example of naming and providing the backstory of an item the players can use would be totally fine. An example might be that there is an Epic level sword that drops from one of the bosses in the Wilds. We’ll provide the model and the stats for the item, but if you want to give it a name that fits into the lore and provide a simple backstory for how it got to be in the lair of the boss in the first place that would be fine.

As for the lore itself, we haven’t released anything super detailed on it yet, because a lot of it is still being written. Honestly in general unless you try to have (in this example) your Epic Sword be the “Master Sword from which all other swords are forged” or something crazy broad like that, if it involves a mage, a dragon, the Realm of Order or Chaos, Khabor Jan or the Order of M’aat…anything like that would be fine.

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Good to know! I’ll have to give this some serious thought then, but just as some reassurance I wasn’t looking to drop in a master sword, Excalibur, or anything along those lines with this. That’s why I’m on the hunt for details so I can (hopefully) come up with something pertaining to this game and its story.

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No worries! Keep in mind you’ll have the whole Alpha and a good chunk of the Beta to play the game and find out about the world as we put more and more into it. This isn’t something where we’ll want your contribution to be finalized right when Alpha starts or something.

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Oh, great! That actually helps a lot. Turns out it’s pretty difficult to come up with ideas for items that fit in a world you’ve never visited. Who knew? ^.^’