Lore story time today

Do you play Orbus but don’t know anything about the lore? Do you ever stop and wonder to yourself, “why am I killing these stick things?” Well lucky for you today at 2:30 est I will be hosting a lore story time going over the entirety of OrbusVRs lore as well as answering any questions about it. It will be held in the tavern and will go on until 3:30 est so feel free to stop by at anytime to listen or ask questions. I’m super excited to share the lore with you and have been “studying” it for several months now so I could share it with all of you guys. Hope to see you there!! To avoid confusion it’s starting in 2 hours and 30 minutes from when I made This post


/finger pyramid of Lore

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Darn I wont be able to make it 5 est, or also I would totally love to hear it.

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Starting in 5 minutes

Thank you to everyone who showed up

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