Lost Experience From Bart's Introduction [Fixed]

I started a new character to main as a mage. I skipped Bart’s intro and went straight to Tinny’s. I completed all her quests and got my wand. Went back to Bart afterwards to complete his quests. When I went to do the King Stag, I noticed my Level had dropped from 2 to 1. I made it to level 2 from the 1000 xp I got for completing Tinny’s quests.

Forgot to mention I tried logging off and logging back on and switching to archer and back to mage and I"m still at level 1.

Every class has its own level, you’re still level 2 with the class you was during Tinny’s quest but level 1 with your runemage.

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Yeap, I second the likelihood of that.

I must have just been tired, I didn’t have it equipped but I had a sword not a bow and arrow, the xp went towards that.

Don’t think I can do it, but you can consider this one closed / user error.