Lost Spices (+ 4 more characters for a legit title, silly rule)

While doing the quest, Lost Spices, my girlfriend just killed 100 (literally) before she got her 10 spices. That’s a little ridiculous. That makes a low level quest reminiscent of old school Everquest camps, and those simply weren’t fun after a very short while. Comeon folks :frowning: Every one of those stick figures has a box over their head, yet 1 in 10 dropped spice as a quest item? She already had 5 when I joined her and yet I got my 10, got notification of quest completion, and still continued to randomly get the quest item while it wouldn’t drop for her :frowning: That’s a lot ridiculous. We dropped group and she was able to finish.

2 suggestions would be to make the drop rate a lot more common (20-25% listed in the patch notes simply isn’t accurate if it took her 100, that’s 10%), and once someone acquires their amount, it should stop dropping for them, especially if that is interfering with people still needing them not getting them (and of course they’re not tradeable so that’s only penalizing those still on the quest … and could be a real problem if a high level decides to jump in and farm).

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Similar thing the other day, a friend and I went to do that quest. RNGesus was in my favor and not my friend’s. I started laughing when I kept getting spices even after quest completion and he had like 3. I stopped attacking, and then he started getting some. When I turned in my quest, I had to delete 7 out of my inventory.

It took me 43 to get 10 spices. Maybe there’s some issue with consistency in droprate? Otherwise, maybe you just got really unlucky? Someone else I know did 80 to get 10.

Yeah took me about 50, standard mmo fare :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I tested it out you I quite consistently only got one drop from the firsy kill per combat, no matter the number you killed. Wer you group pulling or killing them off one by one?

I have issue with this quest too… I’m at 100 and only have 6. Spent at least an hour doing that Quest. Feel like wasting time.
I usually just go center of them and use my horn (warrior) and kill them all. My dragon take my loots so I don’t forget any. I’m level 13 so they’re quite easy for me (started this quest when I was like… Lvl 10 but I do other quest in between because I hate this one so much. I’ll post a screenshot tonight.

We’re going to push out a fix for this. It should be live in about 8 hours.


So as of now there should be 100% drop rate on these from the mobs.


…they dont count as lootbags picked up right?

Luck rings plus luck potion ftw lol

guys, where can i find the area for this quest? I get so lost on the quests because i can never seem to find where exactly i am supposed to go.


Next to the sky high dragon race at the rope bridge in highsteppe

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Is there a better description I can add to this quest to make it easier to find for newer players?

Not really. I would recommend adding “Rope Bridge” to the in game map if it’s not already there.

Right now the main problem with people getting around is that the maps don’t really provide a whole lot of detail. Some of it is labeled and some of it is not. Add that to the fact that you can’t easily see where they line up (the ends of the maps are at the zone interchange entrances rather than a split in the middle of the zone interchanges) and that they seem to be scaled differently and you end up with people not knowing how to get around or where they’re going.

My suggestion:

The Table Maps in the player house, combine them all into a single world map. Lower the tables so we can walk on/through them. The little signs are fine, but have the text side ‘follow’ the player so we can see the area names from any angle. For smaller landmarks like the rope bridge or landmarks noted in quests, put a little flag that enlarges with text if we point at it.

Also, this world map would be cool to have in the Fellowship Hall, or even in a public area in Highsteppe, or both, for players to gather around and plan trips or show other players where something is.


I agree. As a new player I spend half my time lost and trying to navigate. I am on a quest now that needs sourbells, and it just says Flood Rainforest. More helpful specifics will be amazing. If there is a “gps” to show where we are on the map, that’ll be even more amazing. Too much time lost now running in wrong directions.

I would recommend checking out the map I made or the gps/interactive map J made.

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Thanks for mention Atropos.

Yeah my map has a GPS that should work for you. It tells you which direction you are going and by clicking on the map you can set a point of interest and follow the maps compass.

I recommend using OVRDrop, Oculus dash or similar to see the map in game whilst you use it.

I believe the locations for the sour bells are fairly accurate on that too as well as a bunch of other herbs… might be some anomalies but let me know if there are.


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