Lots of disconnects including lost quest progression

I wanted to log a few things I have been experiencing.

  1. I seem to get disconnected from the server a bunch with little or no indication that I have lost connection.
    Usually what will happen is I will walk into a new area and realize that there are no mobs. I do a quick logout and log back in to a spot randomly back on the path i was walking. usually only resetting me about 1-2 minutes back.
    Another good indicator is when I am playing with friends, I realized that my compass communication is not going through and my friends actually can’t hear me even though I am talking. I re log and try again and am greeted with the “Yea we can hear you now”.
  2. Lost progression. This was the worst disconnect I had. I defeated the bandit for the quest right before the first dungeon. I got shoulder pads dropped off him as well as the quest item. I turned the quest in and realized my XP bar looked like it had been reset back to 0 for my level.
    I decided to re-log and it put me all the way back to before killing the bandit thief and I did not have either item he had dropped in my inventory anymore.

The same thing happened to my two friends who were with me. One of them logged out right when I told him and had to redo the quest as well.
My other friend didn’t log out until we had gotten all the way to the swine area and were farming gear and swines for the Hunter quest.
He re-logged and it put him back up before killing the bandit too making him lose almost 2 hours of game play.

It would be nice to actually get kicked from the game if we get disconnected instead of still being in the world and losing progression.

Okay, sorry about that. I have a client-side patch that will be going out later today that should make it more clear if you somehow get DC’ed.

The weird thing about this, though, is you’re not totally DC’ed, right? Because if you were, you wouldn’t have seen the monster to be able to kill it? And none of your attacks would have worked?

So it sounds to me more like for some reason your data stopped saving to the database or something like that.

Anyone else out there experiencing this (specifically the losing progress/DC’ing and getting sent back several minutes to where you were)?

When you fought the bandits on top of Maats keep did you talk to him and let him live or did you tell him to die and kill him? and if you let him live did you kill him after?

Edit: also by any chance did you go through the burning forest before doing the rebel quest and investigate inside of the stone ruins in the middle of the forest? And if you could have the other players you were playing with also respond that would help so we can keep finding common threads, this is an elusive bug to track down.

I had this happen in head start. It was like my client was still supplying a normal feed of information/feedback however when I logged out and back in because I couldn’t find the quest giver anymore it put me back to my house (which is I guess where I had unknowingly dced)

do you happen to rember what quest you were on when this happened to you?

So I know for a fact that all 3 of us chose to kill him almost at the exact same time.
We had been in the burning forest before and had broken open the totems, but I don’t think any of us went into the ruins part. We skirted around it to get to the Swines.

The quest we were on is the one where you need to get the Symbol from the bandit in the camp and you can Either kill him or let him go. Our quest logs progressed and it all looked good, until we re-logged of course and then we had lost the progression and our logs, quest progression (including mob kills and such), our inventory, and XP all went back to before we killed the bandit. Almost like we all got disconnected at that point and like Orbain said in his comment like it didn’t save anything we had done since that point.

Okay thank you for the info, well keep digging into it, if anyone else is having this problem please report it here so we can track it down.

I’ll see if my buddies want to add anything.
You guys must be working non stop to have such a fast freaking turn around.
Seriously keep up the good work.
Just don’t forget to take some breaks!


Okay so the patch I just put out should take a stab at preventing at least the losing progress part of this from happening, I hope. Of course you may still get disconnected, although let me know if that is any better as well.

In case it will help, I had a similar experience Saturday night (16 December) between about 10pm and 1am central standard time (I lose track of time in the game - time flies when you’re having fun!)

I was leading a party (5 total of us) to the tier 3 frost rune/statue. I was a bad leader though and got us lost in the jungle, where four of us were quickly killed by a boar. Respawning in an unfamiliar graveyard, we wandered around seeing which way to go to get back out. I’d walked down a path, found a street sign, and noticed no one had followed me down the path. I called out, waved my arms, sent spells, and tried the compass radio. Why weren’t they coming? A few minutes passed where I even “walked” all the way back over to the group recommending we follow the sign to Highsteppe, cause clearly I had led us into the wrong patch of grass, but not that I wanted to hinder them from exploring further if they wanted to. It was the first time that I had partied with the three that died with me, so I didn’t notice anything amiss until our fifth member (who is my guild mate and we party all the time) finally found us and ran toward us like YAAAAY I FOUND YOU GUYS! And I also ran toward him, happy to see him - and then he ran right past me to the other guy. I walked over to them and after the initial YAYS he asked, “where’s Airis?” To which the other guy said, “she’s over there” (further left down the path away from the sign as if I’d never walked down it). :scream: it was like having an out of body experience, being dead without knowing I was dead cause I never saw a truck hit me. They could see my body (I couldn’t) and there was some beautiful dramatics until it was like, okay, re-log. So I logged out, logged back in, and I stood exactly where they had seen me. More fantastic dramatic stuff, then we continued on our way.

Long story short, I had no idea my character was frozen or “dead” and that I was like a spirit wandering around that no one could see or hear until my bud walked right past me asking where I was. I could still do everything normally, though. You may have already fixed this with the patch you put out, but I wanted to give another story so you’d have another point of reference just in case.

I appreciate everyone’s hard work and hope you guys are getting plenty of rest. Orbus is hands down my favorite game and the coolest thing I’ve ever done, out of body experiences included :grinning:


Thanks for the story it will help trackign things down as the only ones I was aware of were inside the area near Guild City and Narrow Orchard so its good to know that it happens other places. Also good read of a story, so thanks for both!

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