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Im absolutely in love with orbus. Everything I could possibly want! A VRMMO?! With nice and smooth combat! My only issue is that this morning I was playing around 8am and started working my way towards the guild city and it was barren. zero players besides a lvl 5 archer who was afk. I had an escort mission and it was impossible to do solo and id love to keep playing but the lack of life in the game kinda puts me off a bit. Maybe its because the time of day I was playing? or are all the zones besides the starting tutorial area usually desolate of players? should I only log on at certain times? Asking because I don’t want to stop playing this an plan on streaming it on twitch but its kinda tough when its empty and some of the quests are tough to solo.


Check out this link to determine times when players are usually online.
There are definitely hours with a low player count. If you log in during peak time you will likely be able to find someone to help.


As you see from the graph the lowest player count is early (US) morning/night, when most US players sleep and most EU players are at work, because it is noon for them.

Other than that there’s 2 reasons you won’t find much players in the overworld, the first one, it is fairly quick to solo until 20, some do it in 2 weeks. After that you will only venture out to farm, level 20 players rather meet at evenings in dungeons and raids.

And second, the number of players is low currently especially low, because lots are waiting for the upcoming reborn release, not spending too much time on the old game (though it actually can not hurt to arrive in reborn with a level 20 player already), there’s also not much new content since a while. In reborn there also will be new activities outside instances so I guess it will be way more lively.


I would highly recommend joining the unofficial discord as well if you have npt already. There are usually people there (at least during my usual hours) that are always welcoming to new players and are very helpful.
Whether you are looking for a group to tackle a hard quest or whatever, it’s a great place to start.


ah thanks! yeah I love the game just couldn’t pin down when players were active and I was assuming that reborns release would bring back a toooooooon of players.

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