Lower chance of getting high level shards for the temple and mine

Since there are the level 30 dungeons, it is often just impossible to level your shards! Most of the higher leveled shards player get are Abandoned Mine or Ancient Temple shards, which makes it just too hard for maaaaany of us to go further and level that one.

It would be much better to have a higher chance on getting high level shards for the usual dungeons!

Because, for instance, the Abandoned Mine level 5 and higher is almost impossible to do in 30 mins unless you’re with many OP players!
Currently it’s just demotivating for many of us (players with +2 gear) to level a shard when it always turns out to be the Abandoned Mine or Ancient Temple. We can’t always be dependent on players to help us with a +5 gear and it really stops many players from getting a better gear.

So our suggestion:

Lowering the chance of getting an Abandoned Mine or Ancient Temple shard (at least over level 4!)

The new dungeons are great and it’s awesome to do them BUT, as already said, too hard for leveling shards


As a player with +5 gear I don’t have this struggle but can see your perspective. Mine and Temple were brought in to be the ‘harder’ lvl 30 dungeons and have increased roll rate on T13+ shards (I think its 13 maybe slightly different).

If they are just a road block for newer players at T5 or lower shards then a lower chance of rolling to Mine/Temple for those levels were most players are learning/discovering shards sounds fine to me. It will also make the curve of difficulty smoother hopefully.

I do think once you start getting into the 7+ level of shard it should be harder (and it is with the added mutations you get) so the current method of which dungeon is fine in my opinion.


Idk it feels like they made mines alot easier with nerving the mages 3x over. Then temple the trash on it is also very easy. Is it not that the practice you got on temple and mines is just less then the other dungeons? With less practice things go less smooth and tactics aren’t set in stone yet.

(btw T14+ with more temple and mines)

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I tend to agree. With the changes to the mages, the mines have been significantly changed in terms of challenge to beat the shard. It’s more a matter of practicing the right strategies, I think. Some of the affixes can make it far more difficult to complete than others, of course, but with practice most moderately geared teams should be able to complete a 5-7 shard within time. Temple is much the same. As long as you are strategic about how you pull each pack, you should be able to handle them. All that said, I would still like to see a slightly lower percentage of the higher lvl shards turn into mines and temples. Mainly for the reason that I enjoy running the other dungeons too and like the idea of tackling them at the more challenging level.


Mine is not that bad, right (other than the new lighting; I avoid it for that reason, can’t bear dark plus all the flashes of mob AoEs, my own shots etc.), but temples are still, imo.
That tanks must jump outta that AoE with the fuzzy borders requires that much practice (and some just can’t) so it’s still a definite ending point, on lower levels where our group was long, long past, on every other shard.
There’s countless affixes combos and weekly mutations which are already ruling out shards or make us postpone them, so being forced to skip a whole dungeon, additionally, is making leveling superslow and consequently a lot of people loose interest, right now…

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Hi, we’re going to reduce the weighting a bit in the upcoming patch next week so there should be a greater variety of dungeons at high shard levels, since it’s been some time now since the original release.

We’ll still keep collecting feedback about the new dungeons and we’ve been tweaking them over time so we think they are in a much better place now difficulty-wise than they were at launch, but obviously we also want people to feel motivated running shards regularly.


I haven’t done too many temple shards so I won’t comment on them, but I think the big issue with the mines is the issues that pop up when fighting the mobs. I found that our shard groups did fine with bosses but even experienced players were dying frequently to poorly designed mob groups, ex. pistolers and mages in the same group which just pump out a ridiculous amount of damage. Also the groups feel very cramped together so you are constantly worried about pulling multiple on accident, the areas which you are fighting in are also really cramped which makes fights feel harder and makes dodging enemies harder, and then there are the glitches where mobs will drop off the edge and still be able to attack (the groups right before boss 1), the worst case being the mage dropping off the edge and then unleashing fireballs that shoot straight up the edge and are nearly undodgeable. If the mobs were tweaked so that they wouldn’t be so infuriating to deal with, the dungeon wouldn’t be half as bad. I think the bosses are both in a decent state and are manageable with a little practice, but even for experienced players the mobs are just horrible and it wastes a ton of time when we wipe multiple times on each group of mobs. As for the darkness, I think right now with lamps not being super widely available in circulation, and without the ability to stick light spells to walls or have other good sources of light, it can be a problem. For me, I have a tinkering lamp so it’s not a issue and I think eventually the lamps should circulate around enough that it won’t be much of an issue. But there are also a lot of issues with tinkering mats having way too low drop rates that I won’t rant about here.

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Imo they should make Cleansing wave jumpable or do something to make it a little easier on tanks. It can be very difficult to avoid them for tank without a good strat in place. But I also don’t think that tanks should be doing temple shards before having decent enough practice with it on normal first. Once you develop a strategy to ensure you don’t get caught by surprise with the waves and are able to avoid them, it’s not too difficult, at least for that boss. Also, tanking that boss is fairly easy other than cleansing waves so that being the main thing to worry about as a tank isn’t such a huge deal. I still think Airship boss 1 is far more of a pain

In case that was misunderstood, I don’t mean the cleansing wave! This one is trivial, you just hide behind a pillar and this bosse’s other, normal AoE is small. I am talking about the last boss, the Mist Keeper’s blue AoE, tanks gotta jump out of this one on higher shard levels which is difficult not only because it’s huge, but also because of the fuzzy borders where you can’t be sure if you’re out or not in many cases.

PS: As for mines we all got a Tinkerer lamp, which does not do much tho, it would need to give much more range and stable light than now. The flashes in the dark, for example of my own shaman balls or mob’s spells are blinding. I got that issue on less dark environments like the new BH already, however, running mines gives me a headache and stalaktites merge into the ceiling almost entirely now, for me (I know they are fine for others).

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I agree with making the boss’s aoe much more distinct so you know if your in or out of it. Personally have not had trouble jumping out of it as warrior except with fatigue so far but that would be due to lack of practice.

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so is it the winter patch when the weighting for shards will change?

I believe so, yes.