Lower rep necessary for pvp lore quests


Please lower the rep necessary to unlock the pvp lore quest ending… I fucking hate pvp and it’s totally stupid and imbalanced in this game, however I very much so enjoy the lore, having to get rep 7 to finish the lore quest is ridiculous. NO BODY EVER WANTS TO PVP making it so I cant complete something that is entirely based on other players motivation is ridiculous. I have about 10% left until I’m done so it doesnt even matter for me anymore (even though I have been complaining about this for months) but I dont think anyone else should have to run around begging people to do pvp when they themselves dont even want to do it. I understand needing the rep for the pvp transmogs but for lore it’s ridiculous it should rep 6 at the most with Marlowe to finish the lore quest imo. The frustration of trying to get this done has reached the point where I quit the game after 30 minutes of trying to coerce people into doing something THEY DONT WANT TO DO.


PvP in this game is awful its the map. give us the beta map back please, it would make it more playable


That and it is a pve game. There is no intensive to turn on PVP besides the goblin and 10% extra xp hooray! PVP is really fun for a lot of people but because it a small sliver of the community you can almost never get into one of these queues. Another problem is most of the people who liked to PVP have left the game. Those that still PVP in battlegrounds are usually hardened veterans. When they get people into the queue and squash them those players never want to do battlegrounds again. The problem is this usually is the only way to get a random queue going.


This is basically what I’m forced to do and it’s totally shitty and mean.