Lower worm boss health


Soulkeper is easy after all the nerfs but the Worm boss just has way to much health, it takes forever to kill, especially on higher shards.

Maybe also have the mist blocking the fast access to soulkeper disappear after defeating the Worm boss? It’s a bloody long run.

Tank keeper could also do with having a shortcut to the boss.


It also has too much health for non-shard and low level shard too but because the damage isn’t as bad as the higher shards you can use different tactics to speed the fight up slightly. Completely agree though, needs a nerf.


I almost wonder if the work boss has intentionally padded health so you don’t flood yourself with it’s elite minions spawned at health thresholds.


It’s strange that the worm boss is probably one of the bosses with the most life in the game, at level 10 I think it’s a bit over the raid bosses and world bosses, judging by the time it takes to kill. It’s the reason no one wants to do crypt shards.

That on top of the safe way beeing to kill the 21 minions before attacking the boss makes the fight take forever even on normal mode.

Please please please lower the life of this boss @Riley_D


I don’t care that they cleared it on time. It still has way to much health.


I just think the small adds are completely unnecessary. I mean for most people who run through it either ignore them or just kill then and waste like 10 minutes doing so while the tank keep the boss busy.


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