Luck on guaranteed roll item, how does it work?

I know how the luck system works. But I don’t know how the code is implemented on the background of a guaranteed shard roll.

It basically works like the following example:

  • Item one has a default 10% drop chance
  • Item two has a default 5% drop chance.
  • You have 10% luck
    Now we have:
  • Item one has a 11% drop chance. (10% + 10%x10%)
  • Item two has a 5.5% drop chance. (5% + 5%x10%)

Depending on how the guaranteed shard roll code got implemented one of the following 3 methods are possible:

  • Having more luck = lower chance on legendary on a roll (BAD)
  • Having more luck = no chance increase on legendary on a roll (MEH)
  • Having more luck = higher chance on legendary on a roll (GOOD)

Testing this would be too difficult and too much of a dataset needed to prove which of the 3 methods it is. So I am asking, should we drink luck pots for our shard roll?


What I thought for a long time, was thatif you get a piece of gear, that piece has a 1/5 chance of being a weapon and that weapon then has x% chance of being a legendary.
If this is the case then as long as luck affects the chance of the weapon being legendary it’ll be positive to drink luck pots.

I’m not sure where I have that from, and I have no idea if that is actually how it works.

This was the impression I was under. Unfortunately, I also do not know where I got this from, pretty sure somebody told me though

My understanding is that luck only affects the chance of loot to drop at all, and that the “is it a legendary” chance is different, meaning that in the case of a guaranteed roll that chance is already 100% and therefore luck does not affect it one way or the other.

RIP luck bombs, ye shall never be dropped again.

I know it would be a large undertaking, but is there a way we could convince the team to consider changing this (EDIT: After the Bard fix and Hard Mode Raid release)? From this understanding, most end-game players are going to be significantly lowering the rate of dropping Luck Bombs or using Luck Potions. During Raids we’re guaranteed to get loot. During Shards we’re guaranteed to get loot. That’s where we spend 90% of our time, and knowing that Luck doesn’t help means we’re going to forego it. If it were something along the lines of a Loot Drop table (Example below) where every X points of Luck increases your “roll” by Y points would mean we’d invest in Luck again, but from the way this sounds, it looks like Luck is useless to end-game players.


A normal shard chest and a raid chest don’t have a guaranteed item. So I don’t think luck is useless for any endgame except guaranteed shard roll. But watch the wording. Mathieu says “My understanding” , not “I know”.

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This. Luck would just not affect the guaranteed roll but still affects everything else at end game that is not guaranteed like a regular shard loot or raid loot (besides the token, obviously.)


So Luck will give an additional chance to drop an item, even if there’s a guaranteed drop of an item.

So in the case of a Raid where we’re guaranteed a token, Luck will still increase the chance of gear dropping, correct?

If so, my bad for misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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You have to see the token seperate of the item drop. A guaranteed roll will give you only 1 item guaranteed. There is no random chance in getting something. You will get only 1 piece, never 0 never 2.

A raid chest will give you a guaranteed token. BUT it will also give you a CHANCE on an item. Luck increases the chance of an item drop. And the item has a chance to drop.


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