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i think that there should be lvl requirements for gear i found it crazy that if you find people and just go out in droves kill mobs that you have no business killing and getting gear you have no business getting and using at that lvl has killed alot of this game for me. not having lvl requirements in an mmo is kinda crazy or not showing what lvl a monster is. having shapes is fine but at lest having a number along with it… if its within your range of killing show a lvl. and dont show its lvl if its above your lvl.

your level dictates how well that gear works

it does show what level that mob is technically, read the journal entry that has all those symbols

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Every item in the game does have a level and we should do a better job exposing that. However, as Scott said, the effectiveness of gear is capped by your level. So if you have a Level 10 500 attack Sword, but you are Level 6, and the maximum attack for a Level 6 is 300 Attack, you still only do that much damage.


i understand that but if your lvl 6 you should not be able to hold a lvl 10 sword. showing what lvl items would help and some kind of description on potions like time limes if there are any. going into your journal dosent truly help im able to kill monster that are red (impossible). and monsters that have the stare there should be a lvl with the monsters knowing were you stand in the game showing up to a zone with no monster lvls and having to think “can i kill this or is it 10 lvls above me?” i think showing lvls would help zone association for players.

not having lvl requirements for gear makes it feel like your not “working” to anything getting an item thats a lvl above you makes you go"o man i have to get up a lvl tonight so i can use that all day tomorrow" its small accomplishments like that. i just think its missing being able to go also with fishing there is no point to lvls on that. 1st you can be lvl one a go get the end game fish if you know were it is. but still i shouldent see a lvl 1 going for it and have the same chance a lvl 20 fishermen has. also the xp on fish is always 40 this is not good there is no progression in this. sunfish 40xp bass 40xp aloxo 40xp… something is wrong there it should go up at lest by 10xp each kind of fish due to the face they are in harder zones. and have the fishing lvl to go alog with it.

The fishing system still needs to be fleshed out quite a bit. We have some fishing gear and different rods with different line strengths and whatnot and that will add some progression to it. Not everything in the game is finished yet, hence it being EA.

For your other point, I think what we probably need to do is have some way to show like “You have a 300 Attack Sword but you’re only getting 150 Attack out of it right now” that way you can see the “usable Attack value” going up as you level up.

Basically the reason we decided not to do straight-up “This sword is Level 10 and you can’t equip it until you are Level 10” is that since the loot system is totally random, we didn’t want a situation where you are Level 8, have a Level 6 Bow, get a Level 10 bow, but can’t get a Level 8 or 9 bow to drop, and so you’re falling way behind on damage. Essentially it just smooths out the RNG curve while leveling a lot more to do it this way.


Ya but does it show what level gear you should have for your character. You have green, blue, yellow. Does that point to certain character levels

for fishing yes i understand its EA i was just throwing that in there.
with the drops being random there are zones for your lvl. im not going to go back to the mane town to kill redtail cuz they are not going to drop gear i need there will be dropping gear for lvl 1-3 or whatever if it were fully random then i would be there all day. there are gear zones in the game for drops. hents monster lvls have those monsters drop gear within that lvl range. this way your dont always have a twinked out character all the time. gear quality will play into that also say a lvl 5 blue drops amazing im lvl 5 and now i have a blue now you lvl up get a lvl 6 but its not blue your going to keep the blue till you find something elce. having lvl requirements give more depth into the game i have changed my gear very little probably changed my gear 4ish 5ish times sents i hit 8…16now skipping over zones completely for gear that is offered there. and finding jungle gear in the desert or in the frost planes?? are there going to be new gear sets coming out?

Thank you for your informative reply Riley. I rather like the way you have set it up and it’s really nice being able to always find something and then be able to use it immediatly.


Im a level 14 and using blue musketeer equipment is that being used to its full potential, because I dont want to pay for expensive equipment to repair, if its not being used correctly.

If it’s higher than your level you are getting the maximum potential available at your level. Essentially that gear is the best gear you can have.

Keep repairing mate.

It would be good to repair but someone told me to save shards because you could use them for something next month.

Go ahead and sell enough of them to repair. If you are breaking down gear you don’t need then you will have loads of them. Even at endgame.

I just soloed a silver-star stag in Lucian plains at 14. It dropped a blue-qual 501 ATK wand and when I equip it, I reportedly have 316 ATK in the inventory/stats window. You can see the soft cap there, relative to what it could be (raw weapon ATK).

On a related note, I feel cheated. I did solo that thing—I should have 501 ATK, haha

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