Mage need's help

hi am not gonna talk about how hard it is cos l feel it’s in a nice place my trouble happen when fighting more then one mob l have not chance at all but as a ranger l can easy kill two mob’s what am l doing wrong any help

maybe a new spell like hold or bind one mob and give u time to kill the other any help would be great thx.

Mages have a pretty big disadvantage in combat I find. From spells not working to pulling multiple mobs. It’s tough out there.

There are indeed lots of spells in the game to help you out here. They are on spell pillars to find and add to your journal. Spoiler alert- there is a polymorph spell to have a monster CCed.

Also- @Justos it just takes a lot of practice to not mess up spells in the heat of combat but the class really makes up for it in utility. Out of curiousity what did you mean by pulling multiple mobs? I’m thinking this is unrelated to runemage and you were in a party. If you’re in a party that has players in the same zone then monsters will call for help form other ones, and there was a bug until recently that even if your friends were around they were still calling for help. It’s fixed now I am happy to report!

There is a hold spell. It’s called polymorph.

multi mob just talk about the fact that mob stand about in pair’s not many stand by them self if l get a mob solo it’s easy but two at a time am brown bread.

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