Mage Tools and Stuff

Instead of having the wand in one hand and your other hand empty there are a lot of options.


Staves would be alternatives to wands. The downside would be no off-hand mage item. The advantage would be casting stronger spells. Edit Suggested by @Liam_M1 Could be used as a melee weapon.

Talisman (Original Idea Talisman for Sorc)

Small items that can be held in your off-hand with a wand in your main hand. It should grant some bonus not granted by your normal gear that should only be useful to mages.

Spell Book

An item that the mage using it can write down how to cast runes inside the book. You could use the track pad to flip pages. The book wouldn’t come filled it would be hand drawn by the mage. (Example: Writing the arcane ray runes down in the book so I won’t forget in the heat of battle how to cast.)

Will update as I think of more.

Spell book is a fantastic idea, would help players and novices find their feet.
Also means if you ‘uncover’ a spell in some form (a discussion was had about that a while back) you could have it show in the book.

Talisman for bonus I agree as well. would make sense and look badass :stuck_out_tongue:

Staff, pfft forget the mage power being amplified, just make it a melee weapon, when using two hands, have it so that it does minimal damage but provides knock-back; therefore a way to gain distance between you and the enemy! Plus… Gandalf lines!


uhh the spell book would really be a very cool idea, like a notebook or somethin :slight_smile:

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