Mages need nerfing in battlegrounds

Mages are way OP in battlegrounds. Range fighters seriously need damage reduction. This is probably why more people don’t do BGs.

I used to think Stafrutes were OP.


Problem seems to be they don’t have a devider between pvp and pve for damage and whatnot, so they can’t nerf pvp damage without breaking pve end fights. This has bin a reacurring problem in the game

Also hits are registered attacker client side so spells can’t be dodged because of the delay

Yea they should add a cool down between spells like 1.7 seconds between or something like it

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You should try playing Mage in battlegrounds :slight_smile: It’s not as easy as you’d imagine. You’re advocating nerfing the most skill intensive class. The people who rock mage in battlegrounds spent hours upon hours practicing specifically for the reason of PvP. It would not be fair to nerf the class because the players put in the work.

There is definitely an imbalance in PvP, but it’s due to Scoundrel being able to one tap people without any skill involved. Mage is perfectly fine where it’s at regarding PvP.


If a class is OP then it’s OP… doesn’t matter how many hours someone puts into it. If other classes don’t have the ability to compete then it’s imbalanced.

It’s not OP, it’s a reflection of time and effort put into the class. Somebody who spends that much time as a Scoundrel or Ranger can be just as effective. It’s just not as visually impressive.


true dat: )

I agree completely with this it takes tons and tons of time and the amount of time to learn scoundrel and the easy playstyle of it its not comparable if you wish to compete put in the time and scoundrel can be extremely good even better than mage in some situations but it just takes experience and time this also goes for ranger and I’d say ranger may even be better than scoundrel in top tier games because the arrows can go so far

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And what about warriors? What about palidans? Shouldn’t my many hours be rewarded as well?

Absolutely they should. Hopefully that’s fixed in the upcoming tank balance patch :slight_smile:

Just dodge better


I don’t think mages are op in PVP. Scoundrels are though.


As someone who is semidecent as mage in battlegrounds I completely disagree but I think I know why you think it is.
If you want to nerf a class in battlegrounds scoundrel is the current outlier by far in how oppressive and overpowered it can be in the hands of even very inexperienced players.

Why mage is not actually op:
-Mage is incredibly hard to play. It takes hundreds to thousands of hours to reach the point where you can competently telecast and pvp remotely well. Its very easy to start failing spells under pressure and actually landing spells on moving targets is very difficult with how slow your spells move. Compare this to for example, scoundrel, which has incredible damage output at the click of a button even if you ignore all of your class mechanics and just spam bullets.

-mage not only has classes that strongly counter it but also sees these counters constantly because of how much play they get. Mages are glass cannons, they wear cloth armor and are very bad against foes that are too close and can jump around them. This means that they are weak against any type of burst, fast moving projectiles, and classes with mobility. Both scoundrel and paladin are well known counters to mage that not only have a significant advantage in a 1v1 fight but also see a ton of play naturally because they are just objectively strong pvp classes.

Why you think its op:
-the only mages you ever see are very good at the game. Because mage sees an extremely high amount of play and practice in late game dungeon content that translates over to an overrepresentation of mage in good players doing pvp. Everytime you see a mage telecasting even semicompently in combat there is a minimum of at least several hundreds of hours of play that made that happen. Basically if you fought more scoundrels/paladins/rangers/etc. that put as much time into their classes as the average pvp mage has spent on theirs you would be making posts about those classes being op instead.

-you have probably been ambushed and very quickly killed by a lot of mages with lazerbeams of fireballs already in the air. The problem with assuming this make mage op is that many classes can one-shot players given significant lead up or the element of surprise (scoundrel,ranger,bard). The only reason it happens more with mage is that they have no other choice because they lose in a head on fight with every single pvp viable class in the game.


Well, I personally find that the part where you can vissually see the spell pass you by, yet take the damage for it is op. A mage worth his salt can easily redirect any spells shot to hit a moving target.

This actually makes them less dodgeable then classes such as musketeers, rangers and scoundrel, as there projectiles can’t change directions, don’t get messed up vissualy and can be predicted where they will hit.

Nerfing mage damage will NOT solve this

I do agree that ideally you should be able to see mage spells in their correct positions. That isn’t an intended feature as much as an unfortunate consequence of the fact that in order to allow your game to run more than like 1 fps your headset essentially simulates what it thinks is happening in the game between each ping and response it gets from the game servers and then just tries to smoothly update to what the server says is happening everytime it is updated. The problem does in fact exist for other classes its just a lot less noticeable and there is less deviation due to the fact that the projectiles move a lot faster and are much harder to see. Additionally due to the fact that generally people tend to pre-dodge bullets and arrows, jumping before really doing the calculations if the projectile will hit them, the fact that sometimes they can appear to be a little off target doesnt really matter.

This isn’t even an orbus exclusive problem. Every fps you will ever play will have this occur at least a little bit. If you have ever jumped behind cover in cod and gotten shot anyways its likely that you hadn’t made it to that cover in the slightly different simulated universe the person shooting you was in.

This also isn’t a problem that can be necessarily “fixed” but it definitely can be minimized in a lot of ways. Unfortunately Its a very difficult problem to solve because it almost exclusively affects pvp and doing things like correcting the projectile pathing or better calculating other player’s projectiles could make the game run slower and therefore negatively impact much higher priority content like dungeons.

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Mages are not really at a disadvantage in close range PVP unless you run lend a hand (in pvp it is trash tier due to losing mobility) As for scoundrel they are not really a hard counter; they have an easier time close by and mage has an easy time close but easier time far away. Just keep a scoundrel at a long distance and their threat usually goes down the drain as its harder to hit those shots at long distance on scoundrel opposed to runemage.

They really do need to implement a system to detect PvE vs PvP as right now we have 1 shot scoundrels, pallys that just don’t die, mages that can take on 1v4 and still win (tho for mage you have to be a really good mage to pull it off against pallys and scoundrels) wheras most other classes are trash tier. If classes have reworked PvP numbers then all classes would be viable in PvE and you would not have the broken one shot classes in PvP or the classes that don’t die to regular players

I really do want to see a viable pvp warrior. Their shield bash already works in pvp and completely stops stamina regen. This makes a really cool cat and mouse interaction where they stun their opponent and try to combo while they can’t move. I feel like warriors kit could introduce a pvp tank that actually plays like a tank by physically blocking their opponents from attacking their allies and preventing their opponents from just running past them. They would need to rework the shield cause it currently blocks all damage from bullets and arrows without taking damage and does nothing against spells


Untill they split pvp and pve on damage and defence they can’t balance the classes in pvp without breaking pve

For pvp and pvp only
Scoundrel needs a lower burst damage
Mage spells need to register server side rather then client side

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For balance reasons, it is best to split PvE and PvP effects/damage/defense/etc. However, that does require some work and planning.