Main quest bug: Final Print, highsteppe hero


main quest

Final Print - there is no glen …
highsteppe hero- cant speak with dragon sholar (retrive mandels infomation (done) )

pls fix this thx ^^


Glen is the reporter located inside the Highsteppe Enquirer, are you saying he’s missing from there or you can’t speak with him?

retrieving the information from Mandel is from the quest before this one (Mysterious Mandel), where you need to speak with the Mayor to turn in that quest. Once you are on Highstepppe Hero it should auto complete and just need to speak with the Dragon Scholar below highsteppe inside the Dragon Shop to turn it in


For Final Print, the reporter located in the Highsteppe Enquirer is just labelled Reporter and speaking with him doesn’t do anything with removing the quest page, nor is his response related to the quest line (can’t remember exactly what he says, but it was the same generic thing he said through all the betas).

For Highsteppe Hero, the previous gathering quest was received from the Dragon Scholar and was turned in to the Dragon Scholar. The next quest, Highsteppe Hero was received from Maia, but the completion instructions are exactly the same as they were for the gathering quest from the Dragon Scholar and say to speak with the Dragon Scholar to complete. If you attempt to do so, nothing happens. If you speak with Maia, she tells you that’s the end of the quest line, but the journal entry doesn’t disappear.


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the seconds quest its the same and glen is missing


and you can go out of high steppe left from the zeppelin station xD


heres another typo image

no space between XP… also i would call it EXP not XP and force it on the next line