Main Quest Help


I’ve hit level 10 and now need to run a dungeon in order to continue with the main quest line. I’m doing the second ‘trial’.

How are we expected to complete this? I’ve tried for hours to find a group and nothing.


Check out the Unofficial Discord. There is an entire section dedicated to LFG (looking for group) posts.

Also, the time of day you are looking makes a big difference. The Orbus homepage has a count of total players logged in (top right corner, next to the in-game time). Or, you can check this site for players over time:

Good luck finding a group!


I will be on tonight, and I will be in Discord. I would be happy to help you.


I may take you up on that, not sure I’ll be on tonight but i appreciate it regardless.

Your picture brings back a lot of EQ memories!


Whats your in game name?


Baltec. Ill be in around 7-8 pm central time. Thanks in advance!

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