Main quest line is stuck?

I recently went to start the main quest line until I remember that for some reason, I can’t.
Whenever I wave at the guy in front of highstep, nothing happens. No new quest pops up, no dialogue appears, no menu comes up. Is there something else I am missing or have to do?
Ps. I’ve already checked to make sure that I haven’t already started it

Have you done the tutorial missions when you first started the game? (Like speaking to sicilus and darius, etc) also if you want to give me a list of the titles of the quests in your journal I might be able to compare those to what you should have

Sure, sorry for the late response, but I have
King dinner(sq)
Lost spice
Whisper words
Festival of strangers 1
Esassa technology
Anniversary scavenger hunt: dragons
Free Marcos and highstep
Agent of darkness

I didn’t do the tutorial. As in, I didn’t speak to randel. I’m really not sure how I managed to get to level 30 as a BARD with no other classes, fellowships, and now on top of that, I didn’t even complete the tutorial. I don’t even know how I exited the starting barrier. I have done the tutorial (as a level t h i r t y) and gotten the main quest. This has been my response.

-an idiot, kneem


We Bards aren’t known to do things right, we just bingo our bongos. I got you <3

We bingo our bongos to our own bop.

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Glad you got it figured out!