Major Issue - Playerhouse broken :-(

Ok not sure if it’s related to the customizations, but I crashed and now I am locked in my playerhouse, not able to do anything, not able to open the door or change classes, not able to log out. Restarted the whole client twice, no change.

The playerhouse looks like always on login, moving tutorial gifs on the wall, “Ithecac View” (I reported that many times; only goes away after leaving and reentering the house), all customizations gone. Can something be done about it? IGN Metris

If it helps, I also had an item in there that should not, a duplicate of this here. It was in two rooms suddenly, but only showing in one of the chests.


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Are you able to go to graveyard? It sounds like a desync somehow.

nope, that button does nothing… I can use my mount that is all

Okay, Jon is looking into it, will see if he finds something.

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It looks like you’re in the basement of your player house?

when I login I see the main room though…someone put me in the basement??? heeeelp :grimacing:

I should refrain from logon tries until it’s looked at, right? omg my Orbus broke :scream::scream::scream: (tries not to panic)

Working on a fix now, will let you know when you should log on and try again.

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Alright, we just pushed out a potential fix. Go ahead and log back in now and let us know what happens.

No it is all same… also I can not quit the app, need to cancel it via task manager every time.

Can I do anything from my side (reinstall?) - but it pretty much looks like a server-side issue to me :frowning: (and could you delete the dupe item?)

Are you able to send us your output log?

Yes I will… or what’s left of it after all these restarts. Also found a pending win update, perhaps that locked the client, will try again shortly. (So, someone put me in the basement, took away all my hard earned items and locked the door to Highsteppe omg O-M-G)

Did my update, started Oculus, logged in, could enter Highsteppe, then crashed and was locked again like before.

Ok go ahead and send us this latest output log and we’ll look into it.

It is pretty short, I sent it to riley at etc.

Can you send it to [email protected]

ok done… that’s a new one, tried to find the current on the website but no luck

Ok so what is the process that is happening?

You’re logging into your player house and nothing loads in? You try to log in and are being kicked back to the login screen? You’re trying to leave the player house and the game is crashing or locking up?

None of these. I login fine, I see the playerhouse, main room, on a kind of “default mode” with moving gifs, no deco. I can move around, open doors (empty rooms mostly, most default items like the auction house chest missing), I can use my mount. I can not

  • change classes
  • open the door to HS (doorknob does nothing)
  • go to graveyard
  • log out (button does nothing)
  • quit the app via Oculus Client (I am not on steam)

All I can do is crash the game via task manager.

As reported couple times in last weeks, I think my playerhouse is broken since the start of reborn, I normally have to leave and re-enter to make the moving tutorial items gone and the “Ithecac View” (sign on one door, quest item in the basement), not sure now if it’s related to this though, rather, likely the customization or both…

Thanks for letting us know. We’re investigating the situation further.

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