Make an Opening/Introductory (Lore) Cutscene


One of the most frequent complaints from new players and those returning to Reborn for the first time is a lack of clear direction or purpose. It is very jarring to be dropped into the world with no context or narrative purpose, while all the NPCs talk to you like they know you and your (apparently) great past deeds. This is a broad issue, but adding a brief introduction cutscene explaining what has happened to the world of Orbus, and your role in it, would contextualize all the seemingly random missions and activities. This cutscene could be something as simple as the old voiced text over still image ones, or like the early WoW opening scenes which introduce the setting while the camera moves through the zone until reaching your character.

Here’s a potential rough script (forgive me, I don’t remember a lot of the lore specifics):
“It has been XX years since the release of the (original raid bosses) plunged the land of Patreayal into a dark age. Humanity’s last foothold clings around the roots of the great Highsteppe tree, struggling to rebuild what was lost. The heroes of the past were thought to have all perished defending humanity, but as the power corrupting the wilds beyond Highsteppe begins to wane, heroes reappear at Highsteppe’s gates. You are among these returning heroes. Your memory is clouded, but you are resolute in your desire to help rebuild the kingdoms of the past.”

Making a brief opening like this that plays the first time a character logs in to Reborn would be easy to do, but make a huge difference for players actually interested in the RPG part of MMORPG, giving them context for why they are doing all these seemingly random missions, and why everyone knows them.

Introducing the OrbusVR Demo

I also believe this would be helpful to new players


Jinx and I made a little intro/walkthrough vid a while back if you know anyone who needs it