Make clearing out unfinished long terms easier

It was recently suggested that having an overabundance of uncompleted missions could make lagging worse. On Tabsabout I have 100-200+ missions, largely in the form of long term missions. I decided to clear out the ones that I have very little progress on and am unlikely to complete. The problem(s) I run into trying to do this are:

  1. You can only give back the missions by talking to the mission vendor (fine)
  2. The missions appear in a different order in the mission vendor’s screen than they do in the player menu screen
  3. You can’t see what the progress of the mission is in the mission vendor’s screen to know if that is one you want to return uncompleted (or if it’s one with enough progress to keep and muscle through completing)
  4. You can only return one mission at a time (which would be fine except for point five)
  5. Every time you return a mission the mission vendor’s screen scrolls back to the top

Trying to figure out the order, then count the number of missions over to return the correct ones only to have to start all over each time you return one is a major PITA. Please make this easier.


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