Make face accessories

The face accessories would include things like glasses and facial hair so that then we could wear hats and things like cat eyes or halo with glasses too. It wouldn’t serve as armor or have stats, it would be purely cosmetic.


Agree 100% want glasses with my hat … tho also want facial hair …

Maybe allow me to just keep stacking teansmogs.

Might be fun to do with other armor too…

Allow transmogs to either overwrite like we have now or add to and just paste model over what is currently there :slight_smile:

Could open up some more interesting and likely hideously unique looks.


We also need some medical masks! Keep your coughs and sneezes to yourself.


Please do this. I feel like some of this should just be customizable when you make your character, like the facial hair. It also kinda sucks when you finally get a world drop, and realize to show it off, you have to get rid of your glasses, or another staple of your character. Most of us remember what each other look like, and use that as a way to recognize others from afar. Since armor color and transmogs are the only real way to make you stand out, why aren’t we able to stack them yet? I see a lot of the reviews complain about lack of character customization options, and I feel like a transmog overhaul would improve that greatly.

It would be nice to have that option.add variety and new goals