Make Forsaken Isle Great Again

Right now Forsaken Isle is the place where end game players go, get some rare drops, then never go back. There are no incentives to go and its far from the normal circuits.

On the other side, there are certain game mechanics that desperately need higher availability due to the influx of new players, particularly mining (obsidian/linstanium in Lamavora) and Legendary fishing.

Why not combine both?

Forsaken Isle already has caves (for ores) and ponds (for fishing) , it would make it way more playable for end game players if it had ores/fish areas.

This change would also reduce the pressure on obsidian mining since a person wouldnt be able to camp in the Lamavora caves and literally hoard the obsidian supply of the whole community.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Having extra spawn locations is a great idea. While I like the idea of rare materials, the current state of affairs is locking people out of end game content because getting a single class geared up with tiles costs anywhere from 90-200k. I like profits, sure, but I like the community progressing better.


yes. even though i only want rupert, and will never go to the isle again, yes.

especially the obsidian. Maybe, as well as making more spawn locations, increasing the spawn rate of obsidian. so that… if you don’t have a group for the isle (which you really need) people still may have a chance(?) at getting a bit of obsidian/linstanium?


I know this goes against the whole “we don’t want people who pay money to have an advantage” but resources in the DLC zones would revive those as well.


yeah… maybe some small(ish) ore deposits in the DLC?

I completely agree I like the idea of resources that cost more but something that is almost needed for endgame content (tilesets) should be abundant or at least not costly and also with the area being harder than every other area I feel like it gives more incentive for grouping up for stuff outside of shards or raids so people will just want people instead of certain people due to skill levels


I can’t stand “pay for advantage” crap. I loathe it. I am the number 1 nemesis of that.

This doesn’t really qualify as that tho…

The DLC is paid content. It is a game expansion that offers new areas where you can do stuff. Adding spawn points for resource harvesting wouldn’t offend my very delicate sensibilities in any way.

Selling resource packs would.
Making the spawn points in the DLC hyper-productive might…

To me there is a huge difference between paid content and paying to avoid content…

Also I think all the impact would be good as it would bring prices down for non-dlc-owners and splay the farmers over a larger area…which would be good for DLC owners and non-owners…so who’d complain? lol


More spawn points would be good. And I agree it makes sense for the stuff being hoarded to spawn somewhere like the isle. Makes it harder to get hoarded if you have to take a group to gather it.


Tomorrow’s patch will include some new harvestable spawners on the Forsaken Isle - we’re starting pretty low to see what happens with the economy, so we’ll monitor the situation and bring changes if needed.


Which ones?

awesome, thanks so much!

I agree completely. I would love to spend more time in forsaken Isle. I think they need to revamp the level 30 missions in the tavern as they are tedious and make them so they are specific to wastelands and forsaken aisle. Halve the kill quest requirements, but make them for mobs specific to forsaken aisle. For the fishing quest, same thing or at least add a few more areas to it that counts ideally one being forsaken aisle. Why doesn’t forsaken aisle have a raid or dungeon there? I love going there but other then when I can find people with treasure maps its a nightmare finding people to go with, without a goal to work toward.

I would rather see them add more quest lines, end game quest lines or even charge a nominal monthly fee so they can continue to make improvements to the game. As it is, since its to the point where there is little new content to explore I’m afraid they are going to lose people to Zenith when it comes out. Just for something new.

I’m in absolute agreement on most points. The devs know what they’re doing, and have plans for most of our concerns, but a really big problem is the players. We control the market, and we need to make it less profitable for the farmers. The farmers aren’t using the resources for anything but dram in most cases. I make it a habit to never sell anything and keep a healthy supply to give to people in need, but the spawn locations are a tertiary problem. Fix the farmers first.

As long as the dev’s allow an economy within the game, you will always have farmers. This is not broken, you just don’t like that aspect of the game. I like that if I am in a pinch and need a resource, that I can for the most part go to the Auction house and buy it fast kind of like going to the mini mart to get milk instead of traveling to the supermarket.

I don’t understand why so many things are sole bound. I would like to see more things added to the sellable list.

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This is the issue I believe. For new endgame players, they CANT buy obsidian (too expensive) nor HARVEST it (too scarce)

I’m not sure when you are playing so maybe there is alot of players at that time.

I play at different times during the day and night and have never had an issue finding ore. I happen in Every so often and mine it if it is there. I have more than I need for now so I don’t go looking specifically for it. I am hearing the complaints and think to myself, I have never made a huge effort to get this stuff but somehow I have no problem getting it. Maybe people are over thinking it. The only real solution is to make everthing in the game sole bound and that takes some of the playability away. I would like to see more economy in the game. I suggested there be a standardization of pricing. No limit on lower prices just a cap on how high the price can be set.

There are also players who do nothing but crafting. They take in orders and complete them back to their customers. I hear it all the time. This is how they play. Not my cup but who’s to judge?

What you don’t understand, is that obsidian was never THIS farmed. I agree that we should be able to have fewer soul bound items (build and sell items etc), but it’s gotten WAY out of control with essence cave farming. You almost have to be paid to farm it, or pay to buy it. I don’t even use it yet, and I’ve seen it get crazy over the past year.

It’s just part of the game. Maybe have a plant and mine room in your house. That way only you can harvest it. Sounds boring to me. The suspense is where the fun is. Will there be some this time. It’s the same for gear drops. Never knowing.

What you are perhaps suggesting is to limit player access to each cave so they can’t get too much out if they find it?

Find a time and a routine to make rounds and see if it is there. It’s the only way I get it. The miners can only be in one place at a time. The spawns are kind of random. Wait till the miner goes to another cave and wait for the unsuspecting spawn. It’s all I can tell you. Being upset only ruins the game for you.

hmm not they are not, this is the main issue. The new drops in Forsaken Isle are spread all over to there is actually no incentive to “camp” somewhere and grind while taking all of the obsidian supply.


The spawns on the Forsaken Islands is a fix to farming. It came out last week. Maybe having to dole out 500 Dram to camp will make it less attractive to miners. I didn’t see all that much ore when I was out.

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