Make it harder to delete a character

i have gotten dangerously close to deleting my character while i was in a late night session once
i fully understand my idiocy (even though my character is still there)
but for the love of god i don’t want to have that feeling again


I had my tracking on a controller fly off into the delete button the other day and if i didnt react and wait at a safe distance I would have deleted my character by accident.

Doesn’t Orbus prompt you that you are going to delete your character?

character > delete > “Are you sure”

That should be enough to prevent people from accidentally deleting.

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I should add that both characters are not deleted, so the prevention measures saved both from accidentally deleting characters.

Can’t really help 100% prevent faulty user controllers.

Even the best safety measures rely on the user’s ability to think about what they are doing.

I can offer a solution however, add a timer to the “confirm deletion” button so people can’t hit confirm before a few seconds. This would give the user another fail-safe.

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Type the name of character before allowing it to delete


A type Name Confirm or type CONFIRM with a virtual keyboard would be best.


My 5yr old son managed to create a character for himself and deleted my only character “Anephalem” if there is anybody out there that can help me please let me know.

(I responded via PMs, will take care of it)

Regarding the subject at hand, it could certainly be improved, but like it was mentioned if it ever happens to you that you accidentally delete a character, just PM me and we can get it restored for you easily.


Not every player uses the forums/discord to know that this is an option unfortunately which is why its important that this gets addressed once you’re less busy with getting the DLC out on time


Well that summarizes the core of the problem, perfectly! :joy: