Make PvP/trickster limitations more clear

Currently, if you try to perform an action that is blocked by you having PvP enabled or a trickster token in your inventory, it just doesn’t do anything and doesn’t let you know why.
This makes it seem like it just broke and can cause a lot of confusion if you don’t know the limitations put on token carriers/PvP players.

Simple solution, have some text explaining why it didn’t do anything pop up on your screen whenever you try to do something that you can’t.
E.g. “you cannot teleport while carrying a trickster token”,
“you have x seconds left until you can log out”,
“you cannot use teleportation orbs outside safezones while in pvp”, etc.

I know there’s a logout timer under your xp bar, but that’s not really something you notice right away, you have to actively look up to spot it and even then, if you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss.


I agree with this, maybe add a text to the trickster stating that a player can’t use any thing such as teleports etc, when carrying a token, But only apply this for players that arent inside of pvp.

This is because some people that have never pvped and gotten trickster them selves dont know of the limitations of the goblin token. and most of the time some newer 30’s buy tokens from market stalls.