Make the strength symbol over enemies a bit larger/easier to discern

With the resolution of the Vive, I have to get in aggro range of star-level mobs to see that the symbol is a star. The symbols in general are hard to tell apart until I get pretty close, but that’s only really an issue for the stars. It’d be nice if they were maybe a bit larger.


Yes, it is really hard to see it at a distance that doesn’t aggro the mob depending on the level gap.


i say make them bigger but only display them if they are specifically the focal point. so if i’m directly looking at a felid or a pickle. i know that felid or pickle will wreck me. if i’m surveying a field of pickles or felids i’m not seeing 3 dozen giant start shaped billboards and nothing else

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I agree that the indicators could be slightly clearer, but traditional MMOs can “cheat” because they all get a big icon in the corner for a selected mob. I can’t think of an MMO I played where the difficulty of a monster is clearly labelled on all mobs in the world.

I can now tell the difficulty of a mob outside of pull range, which is all we really need. If the icons were a lot bigger, it might be a bit intrusive.

Possibly something that might work is pointing (with your hand) at a mob causing the difficulty icon to increase in size. I’m thinking of the way pointing at a loot bag on the floor causes it’s circle (indicating you can pick it up) to increase.


Yeah they are small. Making them larger or even an option with a slider to make them larger up to a certain degree would be great. And then as you get closer they become smaller until they are at normal size in combat.

That would work fairly well good idea!


This please… i just got destroyed by an elite because i couldnt see what level it was before i pulled it. That being said, i feel like part of the problem is that things in the distance are super blurry and hard to discern anyway. cant read names from more than a couple meters away either.

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I honestly think that making the icon bigger would be nice, but honestly, but, as a quick fix, you can change the color of it.

Green - no challenge
Yellow - weak
Blue Same level
Red - Difficult
Purple - Impossible.
Black / grey boss.

Most of the colors blend in, which makes it hard to tell.

The white and the green blend together, and thats the difference of getting destroyed and an easy kill.

Making the green a bit darker would be nice!


yea, i think the worst offender is the ‘impossible’ and the ‘same level’ are basically the same color. though i think the green could be freed up and just not have an icon on ones that are no challenge.

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Yeah, changing the color from pinkish to anything else would be useful.

I like the idea of blue. But another color scheme would be wise.

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It would also be useful to have the strength symbols a different size. Harder = Bigger

I notice that the strength symbols are surrounded by a black border. When the icon is small, the black gets anti-aliased into the colour of the symbol, making it look like a little black blob. It might be easier to discern at range if the border was not there or a related colour.


Sure would be more work to implement than just making icons bigger, but I would LOVE to have a spyglass which I know from other games… Not only the mobs levels and names are hard to see from a distance, also player levels/names, so if things don’t move too fast (or not at all) a spyglass you just can put out like a potion or so (outside a dungeon I got nothing equipped there anyways) would be perfect.

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anyone else always find it odd that text and small symbols are amazingly fuzzy due to resolution of vr but actual graphics can be so crystal clear i mean that always blows my mind text seems like such a simple thing but thats when you really need that resolution the most lol also so agree with this thread although on oculus i can make out the symbols and colors fairly easily from outside aggro range i can definately understand how some would have trouble… even just 25% size increase could make all the difference in the world id bet.


I was just about to post a new topic on this. Glad I’m not the only one having this issue.

I too think changing the black border around the symbol itself and making it another shade of green, yellow, pink, etc. would solve things.

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Needs to be bigger for sure

Please make an awesome spyglass we can equip and use to extend our vision. This is a natural way to scope out the enemy prior to engagement.

Yes xD I can not see it at the moment absolutely.

@Riley_D OMG. HAND BINOCULARS. Please. Please can we have hand binocs if we grip with both empty hands and put em to our face?

Maybe some kind of zoom and mark mechanic. So I can zoom in my view with something like binoculars as some have suggested, and then mark an enemy to enlarge stats on the enemy such as HP amount and difficulty icon. The only problem I could see with any sort of zoom feature would be the game rendering the extra draw distance and how that could negatively affect performance.

At that point the world is already drawn, I would think? If you can already see the enemies I mean.