Mandel information

I have talked to Mandel and got information. Now my journal says talk to the mayor and relay the information. I wave at the mayor and a list of weekly quests and my quest appear but there is no talk bubble icon in the top right of the pop up. How can I relay the information? Something similar is happening with Darius Nowi have sabotaged Silsilus work, I can’t talk to him. What do I need to do now?

Hey sorry about that. We will be pushing out a patch today that should fix this issue.

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That’s good, at least it’s not me. BYW I am using the Oculus Quest.

I’ll let you know when the fix is in. Thanks!

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@Andrew_T1 the patch is now live if you want to go ahead and update the app.

That was quick, I was expecting a few days. Thank you. I am Inthe UK so it’s a quick check, and all is well.

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