Marathon boss fight idea

9:00am EST wednesday in front of playerhouse

my idea is we start fighting bjorn then move on to fight the void boss in lamorva then in the end we fight skav giant. as many guilds can get on board and help organize that would be great I made a discord so people can see where we are and join us. anyone can help just join the discord or watch this post for updates
if you dont have discord and want to help organize message me on the forums you do that by clicking on the profile icon and a menu will pop up click message

So a community boss fight event?

yes but for every boss

unless all events you fight every bot

sometimes, usually when there are world boss event we tend to avoid the lamavora boss because the rings that they drop are useless compared to the bjorn and scav rings


Sounds like a cool idea

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I like it.

@ChaseChair sure but lots of people still have missions for Lavamora giant and may not already have the cape etc…

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yeah its more for just the experience than the loot

I guess anyone with permission to type in the community anouncements section of the discord could also help by giving me a shout out that would be very very aprecieted

also how do i enrage all the bosses

You should find an exact time you want to do it, then we can promote it a bit. As long as it’s at a time a lot of people are able to come, then there will probably show up enough people to do all the bosses.

Enraging the bosses

Bjorn(highsteppe): you kill all the trees with squirrels in them.
Chaos giant(lamavora): you pull Al 4 levers found around it at the same time.
Scav Giant(hulthine): you make the boss do it’s “smash” attack on all of the wolves.

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I will find a day soon

note* me and my friends who are helping me organize are not all going to be here saturday and sunday so if you chose that just know it wont be this week

ok so actualy im gone next weekend and the one after that so im thinking sometime wednesday or thursaday

Ok so I’m choosing wednesday as the date because its apparently the best weekday to take off and we will start at 9:00 am EST sorry if you cant make it i’m sure I can try to do this again one day also I need someone to be a leader because I don’t think i’m qualified so anyone who has a mic and can tell people how to enrage them and also tell evryone where the bosses are that would be very heplful

also we will be meeting at the player house

I had to delete things so people could see the most recent updates

I updated the Discord link so if anyone tried to join but couldn’t because the invite expired they can now

hope enough people come tommorow so we can beat beat all the bosses

I thought this was a request to add a new Marathon mode where you sit in an arena and a random / progressively harder boss steps out of challenger doors and you kill the boss then the next boss is a +1 boss from a different dungeon.

Until every boss is +15 and chest drops after each boss. (Throw in some OG bosses as ‘rare drops’ to fight randomly )

Have raid bosses start popping in ?
Might be fun … might be too hard ,
Who knows.