Marathon boss fight idea

just need to make sure enough people will be there

  • I will be there tommorow
  • i will not

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thats actually a good idea @Espiticus

maybe make a forum post about it

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oof i think the only way to save this would be a discord anouncement

You still haven’t given a time, “tomorrow” is not spesiffic enough, you need to give an exact time(like 4pm cst) and you should also probably set it in a week so people can make time for it.


the time was 9

sorry i dont think i was clear enough

sorry again i forgot 9:00am EST

ok well i dont think enough people are going to show up but ill be there anyway

if not enough people show up i will try to reschedule

Ok I don’t think enough people are going to come (I will still be there) so I will try to reschedule.

Ehhhh tbf you did come up with this idea 2 days ago
Talk to the officers of a large fellowship and see what you can do
These things are usually given 5 days to a week or so in advance so…


decide a date and a time that is convenient for everybody, and then advertise it

rickness might even make an announcement for it in the discord (dont want to speak for him though)


i made a new thread it has all the needed details i will link it

new thread Marthon boss fight reschedule

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