Marker Gun II (The End-Game Upgrade)

I love the marker gun for teaching new players what adds to hit in different situations, thank you for adding it to the game. :hugs:

We need something like that for end-game; instead of marking adds. It would be used to mark different locations in an area (with 5 to 6 different floating-symbols).

This is something that many MMOs & FPS have, and it is very very useful for designing and making sure that everyone is on the same page for tactics.

Currently, we have players put books down and memorize specific pieces of geography. Which is limiting.

It would be awesome if Party/Raid leaders could just put down markers that would stay for the entire instance (or intentionally erased by an erase feature).

Please please please. Is this possible?


also a tagger gun that can mark certain players would be very useful.


Also a tagged gun that can be used by a non party leader please it makes strategizing much easier. Possibly add a feature that circumvents “troll” tagging.

Yes please, it would make explaining bosses so much faster