Market Stall Auction Eight


Yep fully agree, market stalls can wait, get well soon first!


Get better, your health comes first. We can use the extra time to grind out some more stuff anyway. :grin:


Market stalls have now been assigned. Thanks!


Yippieh! My Stall is open!! Guild City #2, second one in the row close to the gear infuser npc, right next to these boxes, and has just everything good from Bloodcap to Blimp Fish!! There’s even a very shy, rare Axolotol in it :wink: ! Come come come buy buy buy, there’s only limited stocks for real :smile: !


I think i won a stall this month, FIRST TIME ever… i can see the stall with the list to set up prices and i can see the chest but i cant open the chest to add items PLEASE HELP…


If you put your hand in the chest, it should go yellow like when you can grab your compass and just pull up to open, there isn’t a white circle like with the normal chests


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