Market Stall Auction for February Leases


We’re please to announce that bidding is now officially open for the next month of Market Stall Leases. The general rules and procedures are outlined in this Wiki article:

To place a bid, fill out this form:

Bids will be accepted from now until Monday, February 12th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. At that time the monthly lease price will be set and winners will be notified. The lease will begin on Friday, February 16th and last until Match 15th.

A few notes specific to the first few auctions:

  • Merchant-tier backers who already received a stall from the Kickstarter campaign have existing leases which are exempt from this auction. So basically, their stalls are locked in as-is one more month.
  • If you are a Merchant-tier backer who wants to bid on a different Market Area than the one you are already in to get another stall, you may do so using the same procedure as the standard auction format.
  • If you have an existing stall and wish to upgrade it to the 24-slot stall, you will be able to do so once the monthly lease price for this month is set for its market area by paying the same fee as everyone else.
  • There are 4 stalls available for lease in Highsteppe, and 10 available for lease in Guild City.
  • If you previously had a stall and don’t want it anymore, just don’t submit a bid. If you lose your existing stall you will have to remove all of your items from your stall by the end of the day on February 15th or risk losing them. Note that if you get a stall again but end up in a different location, we will simply move your items for you.
  • Note that with this month’s lease form, you should now be able to edit your submission after you’ve submitted it. So if you want to increase your bid you can do so without submitting a new bid. Let me know if you can’t do that for some reason.

Please note the rules regarding Market Groups and how they affect the auction process.

If you have any other questions on this process please let me know. Thanks!

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hey one question
if i bet for highsteppe and dont get one of the stalls, is it somehow possible to transmit my offer for guild city?
so we can try our chance on guild city with the highsteppe bid as well.
is it possible to do it so?


No, sorry. If you want to be considered for both you have to bid on both and be able to pay for both.


I can’t seem to get back to my bid to adjust. I need to adjust it before it closes


If you can’t edit your existing one just submit a new one and I will use the newest one as your final bid.


Just bumping this thread. You have about 18 hours left to place your bid.


okay, i somehow cant place a bid.
it tells me that i need to enter my email address (the red star), but i entered my email already.
Ingame name Necrohunter


ohh okay… it told me to put minimum 5,000 dram, i thought i need to write the “,” as well…


FYI the bidding for this is now closed. I’m AFK this afternoon but I will post the results of the bidding later tonight hopefully.


crosses fingers lol :slight_smile: hope I got my stall!



Way to get everyone’s hopes up lol. I thought Riley posted the winners.


Patiently impatiently waiting LOL


Sorry, I’m actually out of town right now working from a hotel room so been a bit hard to get time to do this. Working on it now…


We just like to give you a hard time. Take your time. You guys work plenty hard for us.


Okay, here are the results.

Highsteppe Stalls

The Highsteppe Market Stalls will be leased at a price of 80,000 dram per month. The following players (in order of choice preference) will receive a stall.


Guild City Stalls

The Guild City Market Stalls will be leased at a price of 10,000 dram. The following Players will receive stalls (listed in order for choice preference):


I will be in touch with the winners with next steps on choosing your specific stall. Thanks!


Have you thought about putting a cap for the extra slots? 160k for 12 extra slots seems a bit much.


No, I don’t think there needs to be a cap. If the space in Highsteppe is that valuable then that’s what the free market has determined it’s worth.

EDIT: At the same time, I do think the price will drop at least somewhat next month when the Merchant backer leases expire, as then there will be 9 stalls to lease, not 4.


if we do want to double our stall do we pm you or what? or how bout i just say i want mine doubled lol :slight_smile:


Yes just PM me and let me know.