Market Stall Stuff gone


So… my stall was auctioned off at 4am in the morning and if I wanna get a new one I would need to skip work every few days to sit around in my house in front of the auctioneer for an hour (since we got only the <1h indicator), right? And pray for no lags to be the last bidder in this game of luck. Thanks and no thanks for this marvelous idea.

But the worst thing is that all the stuff from my old stall is GONE now, it is not in the stall or in any chest like said by a dev in another post. I found the dram for the bidding, but none of my items (100 potions, 200 materials, 100 fish and 20 dyes).

Also did anyone think about that now 5 people are able to dominate the market, like bidding out others for fun to reduce competition, with only 10 stalls and alts able to bid? And as expected even if we sacrifice our rl to be there at the right time and be lucky with a stall auctioned out in our timezone, again, every single month we need to transport all our stuff back and forth.

I HATE the new stall system, really, this is one of the worst parts of the game, so far.

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Did you check page 2 of the Delivery Chest? The one in your house. We place items there to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any current auctions. If it’s not there, we can look at logs and restore your items but it should be there. Sorry for the confusion.

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Well why would I check page 2 since I got 22 free spaces on tab 1?? But yes, there they are, thanks!

And I still think the system is flawed, I come on to play, not to stare at the auctioneer for 1h, every three days, during odd times, to not miss the biddings.
Apart from the alt/domination-issue with that few stalls, other bidders might not even be interested in a stall, just happen to be the lucky last on the cheaper ones; while people who sleep or work and are normally playing lots to be able to trade miss out on them; all this couldn’t happen in the old system where you could place your bid anytime and the value of it alone counted, not pure luck.

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This sounds annoying as hell. Timezone restrictions are definately BS. Honestly I’m surprised there is a market for anything in the game seeing how easy it is to obtain everything but legendary fish. Out of curiosity what is even the point of acquiring wealth right now? I know for some people it’s just a fun game in itself for them. Mostly just curious as I cant even really find a use for the money I have as everything is so easy to obtain and there isnt any thing in the npc shops besides the dram mount worth buying.


There’s not much or any point in it, gives you something to do after you done all in the game, though.
There’s always a market for potions since they are constantly used for the endgame content and many prefer to buy them instead of investing all the time to farm and craft; but again time is most valuable for me also and I buy some mats like fish for them. That’s why I don’t undercut prizes of everyone normally (which backfires anyways since ppl adapt), but sell em for what they are worth, to me, and without constant daily work you won’t earn a fortune (or even get your starting money back).

I frequently see bids on stalls of players who are neither farming, fishing nor crafting much (or anything) though, wonder if they get even back the amounts they bid since nearly nothin else sells… either they are clueless about the market or likely these are alts.


Potions and dyes :man_shrugging: and if you need neither you probably won’t buy anything.


I think the flaw in the system is that nothing is required but only handy. When something is not required a lot of ppl rather keep their money. If for example there was no way to survive boss X with X gear without a Vit potion then the market would be finally exploding. Or reagents were a lot harder to get, even harder then in oldbus?


Well potions are absolutely required for our groups, else the ones going to +3 (gear tier) would be stuck on +2 dungeons, the ones who are going to +4 would get stuck on +3 and so on. Potions are a standard for raids I joined so far also, if nothing else than at least to be quicker…

Reagents: Another thing which is constantly consumed and formerly was selling very well. The drop rate should be nerfed, it’s completely insane that they don’t even sell for like 10 dram anymore… or let us sell em to the vendors.


Yes it makes it quicker but as said not required at all. It makes life easier that is all. So only the ppl that push on content find themself in need of a pot boost. Everyone else rather doesn’t touch their wallet.


Oh okay so it’s just a time saver. I’m struggling with finding stuff to do with no msq and the ease of reaching max lvl. so I guess I’m one of the few who dont mind the time sink of farming mats everyday. Kylakin is pretty much the only thing I spend money and mostly because I’m horrible at fishing lol.


This goes very OT but original issue is solved anyways, so… I find myself having lots of time on my hands once no stable/progress group is to be found. Then I am suddenly sitting on my potion stocks, starting to farm, craft etc. No groups (or only pugs at most), no potions used, no need to buy or craft.
Once a daily group pushing content is ongoing - and for us to level shards potions are a must… - with 2-3 potions used per evening it is very easy to run out; and for times where I can’t farm these back but need to buy them myself I am also stocking my dram, because I prefer playing over farming if I need to choose.

And in the end new content is influencing the market most, once all are done with it and less groups form there’s no need for potions, no need for mats for potions, no need to re-dye gear since there’s no new gears dropping etc., that is normally when the market dies out also.


Sad to see the stalls not working out for everyone. May be better iff street hustling like I used to in oldbus.