Markos quest issues

The wave detection is horrible for Markos. I had to walk around him constantly waving until he noticed me and spoke.
The Quest markers above most of the people are not appearing until after you speak to them. This happened with chef, markos, and scicilious.

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can you send us an output log, if you havent re-logged since this happened

I haven’t logged out yet I have continued all the way up to scicilious. I can log out and send logs. I’ll label Markos wave detection issues.

Sent the log after the client finished it’s update. You should have it now.

okay thanks, and is this markos inside the cave, or is that on top of Maats Keep, or both?

I also had this trouble and reported it. And others too. Just a reminder :slight_smile: he only reacts to you waving when u r standing at a special location next to him it seems

Yes I understand,what I need to know is this happening to both of the Markos inside the cave and also on top of Maats keep, or just one or the other.

Oh okay. I only got this in the cave as I haven’t seen this NPC outside of that cave yet

Same as Ingo, l’m only up to to first of markos’ trials, talking to sciiclious.

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okay that does help narrow it down, let me know if you run into the same problem here in a few quests when you speak with him at the other location.

I only got it inside the Cave. Uptop it showed on the first try :slight_smile: Might have been lucky though

I just finished getting scilious’ approval and returned to Sir Markos in the cave…NO quest marker and his wave detection is still wonky. I am currently standing directly in front of him and he doesn’t see my wave. I have not tried dancing around him waving like I did before. Didn’t know if there was something you might want to see. I am still logged in. I will wait for further instruction…no hurry got plenty of housework to keep me busy :slight_smile:

No go ahead, I have an idea of where to start with tracking down this bug, thank you for the paitence

no problem, Thanks for the quick response

It will be useful to me if anyone is having major problems with the NPC waving detection Outside of any “Inside” areas, let me know.

FYI it is currently raining inside Markos’ Cave.

ha okay I doubt he wants to get wet ill fix that.

Ok returned to Marko uptop and it was hard to wave at him there… So im guessing its a Mark thing and i was lucky last time

ok thank for the update im looking into it to see what I can find

Three out of three times today when I had to talk to Sir Markos in the cave I had to logout and log back in to speak with him.