Marriage/shared storage ability

Listen I know this isn’t important at all but I think it would be cool to have a marry option, like I know a lot of games have made use of this little option to provide shared storages for a married couple, I don’t know if I sound stupid for this but I think it would bring a new aspect of socialness to the game

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In the meantime, you could just create a guild of two. Then use the guild chest as your shared storage. :slight_smile:

That is true, I’m just saying that aspect would be nice but then again it’s not needed

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Fair, having the option would be nice.

what would happened if the marriage couple break up

Same thing that happens in irl.

chaooos, alot of chaos


A good option if a couple were to break up would be the person who originally put in the item would get it back in their inventory, then again I don’t know if the game has that kind of logging for logging who puts what in where but I would hope they do

Yeah that’s what I did with two village idiots

Can I marry my alt?


Depends, is your alt related?

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2 of them aren’t

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:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

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