Masky Lifewell BUG

Ever since last Update every time when I use my super for Musky and then right after try to use Lifewell it JUST DOES NOT work. I use it and NOTHING happens. Normally IF I have a Lifewell already and use my super it just replaces the exiting one, now it does absolutely NOTHING… I get all the orbs back all work normally except Lifewell, and it happens EVERY time. Can you guys please fix that or is it JUST on my toon???

Thank you…


Hi, thank you for reporting. We can investigate this further - I don’t believe we’ve made any changes to Musketeer in a long time, has anybody else here experienced this issue as well?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this reported before on the forums, when you use muskie super all your orbs come back, including the lifewell, but the lifewell’s cooldown doesn’t reset correctly been like it since the change to the lifewell so it’s on your chest now instead of an equipped ability