Materials and fish

materials and fish both now have an improbably low spawn rate more specifically kray catfish don’t spawn when fishing I was there for around 20 mins trying different combinations of tong, eyes, rotten fingers and blue scales. nothing spawned and I’m shore that a lot of people have also noticed the massive lack of queens ear and other mats but I think that was mostly down the 60 odd players logged in according to the site at the time.

Fish aren’t like harvestables- they don’t have a spawn rate. Did you get any nibbles? Also different fish spawn in different bodies of water. You sure you were at the right spot for catfish?

i got a lot of queens ear u can buy. welcome to MMO

the rate has been turned down since the beta from the feel of it I would at least catch two or three in guild city within the time that I was there.

I can’t say for sure but i don’t think it’s been changed. I caught 2 fish out of 8 casts. then at another time i catch 6 fish back to back. it may have to do with area, bait, etc. I did notice that in some body of water, with maybe a specific bait, i wasn’t getting a red line indication. I could reel forever and caught like 5 of the first fish back to back like that. next time i’m on i’ll see about testing the different waters for this. If that’s not intended let me know so i don’t get in trouble for stocking up on fish from those areas.

Every body of water should be fishable. Having no resistance is a bug though, maybe you could use the bug reporter in the launcher if that happens to help them track it down?

Which fish were you catching and in which areas? I’d like to try to recreate this.

for sure i’ll send a report when the games out. Idk how the fishing system works. at times the line would be going red consistently. other times (like the first time i castes during the HS) i noticed the line getting red at varying rates which got me really excited. made it feel like a living animal on the other end of the line. and then those times where the line never got red. I hope it’s the second way where the line gets red at varying degrees/speeds.

I got that orange circlefish the first one. i BELEIVE it was outside of a city maybe. I honestly forget.

I think you mean the sunfish, there is varying tension put on teh line by different fish (what makes the line turn red) so some of the lower level fish will not put as much tension (like sunfish) as a uncommon fish (catfish) and legendary fish will put the most. We are still tweeking the fishing class some with the varying tensions and such, so if your catching all different kinds of fish in a specific body of water and never getting a red line let us know, but if its just for one specific fish (like the sunfish) but others fish in the same water is turning line red then your fine.

I have to try to reproduce it i can’t remember. I just remember getting like 5-6 in a row and then the last one was a bass, but i stopped right after that. I forget if the line went red with the bass. I’m assuming it didn’t. But again i’ll have to try to reproduce it. I was only catching the first fish and the bass so far

Okay sounds good just let us know, thank you for the heads up.

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