Maybe too much stuff from reward chests?


What am I supposed to do with all this? Before reborn I enjoyed going out and killing mobs while harvesting the stuff I needed to make some potions, now in reborn I’m given almost everything from reward chests and even if I was to sit and make potions for ages I wouldn’t be able to use half of this up.

Reagents no longer sell, before I’d kill everything I see to get some to stick on my stall and they’d sell out quickly, everyone has them in reborn with how often they are dropped, even if you use loads to teleport around from event to event you still manage to never run out because of how often you get them now.

This is part of why the economy is so bad, before they would sell from anywhere from 100-350 each, now you can’t even sell a full stack for 1000 dram (10 dram each) and you can’t even sell them to the vendor


I started destroying stacks (probably a whole tab :thinking: ) of reagents and am pretty sure I made way too much dram with selling all the other useless stuff to the apprentence smith. Very bad. I know the opposite problem of ppl complaining there is not enough of something. Well in my opinion that is a way better thing then having too much of something… It has been said many times before by the community that everything is being dropped too much, no good item and dram sink etc. I hope you guys can seriously take some time to analyse the current economy.


The thing is… If the drop chance is reduced now its obviously way too late… This stuff that we have now that is all common should stay common and there should be some middle ground items added to the game… But you know… How many threads have we made on this issue? Atleast 5/6? How many threads has it been mentioned in? 10 maybe :smiley: ?


Could always take stock of everyone’s stuff… For every 20 of an item each person has, replace with 1?


Well the pink dye used to be insanely easy to get. And now over time in reborn the dye is becoming more worth. So increasing rarity does have an effect :man_shrugging:. Its never too late. Its only getting worse how longer you wait though.


so one of the people with the highest game time is complaining that doing the stuff that give the players who don’t or can’t get on as often there stuff.


In my opinion, we don’t need the reward chests at all. One for lvl up is fine but after doing some stuff I’ve a billion chests always and I dont even want to open them anymore, I just want to destroy them. I dont get why we get in reborn basically everything thrown right in the face.

We don’t had that in oldbus and it was fine.


Donate it to me


What about folders? 2+ stacks of 25+ of an item and it will create a folder that will open its own menu. Then in the top left corner will be an arrow to close it and go back to the menu? Idk it’s just an idea.


I don’t think the solution is allowing more storage, but preventing the gain of additional mass resources via chests. Then adding some kind of “gold-sink” equivalent for resources to try and bait players into getting rid of their items for 1-time-rares kind of things. That and making them part of new recipes that players would be interested in crafting.

Unless we don’t care about the economy/future economy whatsoever, then this is fine.

I would also +1 just removing chests altogether, even the level up chests. 7500 xp for an event is already pretty nice. You basically nearly-immediately upgrade to your best gear which means you don’t need to do harder content/explore (though you could just also kill basically any mob and get your best gear while leveling up, as a separate issue). I personally liked dyes as rare drops, and I would often farm periwinkle(tall pigmen)/charcoal(sheep daemon) to both use & sell to players. Seeing stacks of 99 dyes go on the AH for like 500 dram is a little depressing.


Exactly. Would be ridiculous if all swim in resources who started at the “right” time and can sell this flood of stuff expensively, later, to new players… There always have been items I sold to the vendor instantly, I keep 2-3 stacks each (wished I even had space for more) and just sell the rest, I treat those items like the gear-shards, they are little money drops from events.

If anything then we need
a) a way to sell reagents to the vendor (I seriously delete them if noone buys the stack on the AH)
b) new items which are more rare than the chest-ones
c) new recipes!!! And enhancements of the old, for example a 10x fishing potion recipe already, how cool would that be? And this can be crafted with a new fish or a new resource to farm which doesn’t spawn at many places.
The world is still vast and empty, plenty of areas for new resource spawn places.

And, related:
d) more space or an easy method to transfer stuff to the dummy - I have no idea how OG players get along, but stuffing things on the dummy is very tedious and the current space just isn’t enough; I have a full tab of dyes and another for dungeon shards for example (for shards I’d need even more, constantly deleting them), one for fish, two for resources, one potion-tab, some gear, mounts and other stuff-tab, and zero space for proper dragon breeding at all since the launch of the OG :frowning:


The only way I can imagine for the overflow of items to be fixed is to substantially slow the rate at which people are able to get their hands on them, and do a server reset. This, however, is obviously out of the question as it is far too late for a server reset at this point.


I saw someone else mention (maybe in this thread?) that tinkerer class might be a crafting class. That alone would give a dram soak - and possibly an ingredient soak too if they use reagents for stuff - for those that have excess without requiring excess from newer players and players that don’t want that play style.


It isn’t might be, it is 100% a crafting class. It’s been said a few times on the blog, here’s one time I found it was said.

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When will that come out?


No one knows for sure yet, but it’s being referred to as “Content Patch One”, which I suppose is the first “huge” update to the game. It’ll be the same update that releases all of the other things shown in that screenshot. Including the new raid and two new dungeons.


One other reason is that fishing is a huge bottle neck for most alchemy and causes ingredients to stack up high. Most people just don’t use consumables aside from buffs for raiding. Also when you consider in raids you are 1-shot, the notion of a heal pot for example is that there is no notion for a heal pot. You could use them exploring, but again its gonna cost you fishing time. People might have a ton of queens ears, etc, because it’s simple to whack a plant or complete an event and get a chest. The disproportion of harvest-ingredient to fish is massive. People would totally actually craft/use potions (aside raid buffs) if they didn’t have to go fishing all the time, IMO. Also some harvestables aren’t just very useful, like coconut (body lantern/pack mule). Not only do these potions suck (though body lantern might be fun if there were dark areas, and it didn’t cost fish…) they cost fish!

Body Lantern Potion

  • Blue: Coconut Milk, Rotospore
  • Turquoise: Catfish, Rotospore
  • Red: Carfish, Queen’s Ear
  • Green: Finish

Pack Mule Potion

  • Blue: Coconut Milk x2, Clownfish
  • Yellow: Sharkfin, Water Toad x2
  • Green: Catfish x2, Rotospore
  • Turquoise: Axolotol, Spiralback
  • Red: Finish

Additionally, another solution could actually be nice to see crafting levels for Alchemy. Or maybe alchemy perk unlocks via achievements (craft 100, 300, 500, 1000 healing pots…) This is always a good resource sink. That is, to craft better potions you have to level up your profession (ie consuming resources, ie trying to make back your money by selling the potions you made). Not everyone would raise their crafting profession, so they might opt to gather their resources & trade to players who actually do alchemy. Profiting both the harvester and the skill-trainee/potion maker/the consumer who gets to use the potions. Harvesting/crafting then also becomes a meaningful activity for players, when resources are more scarce & valuable. The incentive to level up your profession to be able to produce aged enhanced buff potions is good. There could also be other benefits to leveling up alchemy, for example, not just new recipes but benefits akin to the over-leveling (extra % to craft extra potions). Perhaps when you use 2 items of some ingredient, being a high level alchemist gives you the chance to recover 1 during the craft, and so forth.

There’s also a medium sized issue here, and that is the auction house limit. If you crafted several hundred potions training your skill, for example, you might be inclined to sell them. But at what stack size? You only get like 12 slots? 1 pot? 5 pots? 10 pots? 99 pots? Players will end up holding on to a lot of their stuff and maybe not be able to sell a diverse amount of items (what if they have other rares on the AH they are trying to sell at the same time, dyes? etc… even now but also consider a healthier future economy with more rares, etc to sell in the future)

To prevent potions from stockpiling sky high, which they would initially given the stockpiles that exist right now, they need to have incentive to be consumed. Body lantern? How about a dark dungeon, selling torch/lantern tools which provide light but are low-range, and body-lantern makes you a holy beacon of light. Or how about mobs that spawn at night which are debuffed in light? Or in a dungeon? What if dungeons had specific rewards/rares/cosmetics/loot, different from other dungeons, such that players wouldn’t complain how “they basically have to drink a light pot in that dungeon, whereas if they got a broken halls shard it would be equally rewarding at no cost.” How about giving it some option to be a trippy-light effect such that people will just straight up drink them to become an ithecac light show. How about a crafting NPC which you can accept weekly missions with, and you have to trade him potions etc and the reward is XP & cool unique looking crafting armor, house cosmetics, a pet, some titles? The spice of life is variety. I could go on for a long time.

Also adding more pots, probably also not requiring fish all of the time, like throwable explosion potions, gender swap potions, the ability to age basically every potion(ie also a chance to ruin them mwuahah, but just fun/incentive/activity to partake in), and other shenanigans would help greatly in addition to this kind of stuff. I guarantee players could easily whip up a huge list of potion ideas.

Though it’s also fine keeping the way it is. If you know a recipe, you can craft it. But let there be some kind of incentive and design behind it. Fishing seems like something to be used for things other than just alchemy, and maybe high-end potions or very specific potions meant to be more rare. Or maybe if there was other reason to have fish than just alchemy, people might fish more? The other issue is how many people are fishing, because of VR game population. It’s not too many, and the supply/demand is hugely distorted. Fish are very pricy.

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a fix for this may have the boxes stack able and sell able.

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