Me running interactive map on my phone!

Please teach us!

It looks like a remote desktop app - you can see their windows start bar at the bottom.

I’m using shadow boost … its a cloud computer u can connect to with android, computer or other devices u can also use oculus virtual desktop to connect to it I believe

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Very cool. You could probably do something very similar with Steam Link (but that does imply ownership of a desktop/laptop computer…)

I believe by shadows wording you are the sole owner of the cloud computer while you subscription is active once you cancel it reverts back to them

What I meant was, you could probably do the same thing with SteamLink for free, but you would have to own a physical computer. Your solution isn’t free (I assume), but doesn’t require you to actually own a computer. Which is pretty cool. :upside_down_face:

No its like 11.99 a month but its a gaming computer and my laptop is crap couldn’t even use the map on it… planning on gettin virtual desktop and running oculus through it :grin: its kinda amazing where technology has actual gotten

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