Melee Class Inspired by Until You Fall

Recently I started playing Until You Fall. It’s a melee combat VR game and wow is it satisfying to play. I would love to enjoy that type of gameplay in Orbus. It got me thinking - a melee assassin/rogue type class could be really cool.

(Before I dive in further - yes I know we don’t want too many melee standing on the mob blocking spells, bullets, and arrows. However, this is something we already have to deal with and it’s fine. Tanks learn. And if one doesn’t, they stop getting invited to your raid. If we get melee classes we’ll basically have melee/shamans on one side and ranged on the other side. It’d only make strategies more complex, which is a good thing.)

Anyway, with that out of the way - here’s my class idea:
Uses daggers as primary weapons
They’d get combos like warriors for added dps and utility (stun, aoe swing, de-aggro)
Their combos would include stabbing (not just swings)
Crossing your forearms in front of your face teleports you behind your target
They could also get a blowgun or something for ranged pulling/tagging.
They could use different types of poison-tipped darts in the blowgun for different effects
Lastly, maybe they have a pouch with “flashbang” or “smoke grenade” that allows them to stealth or drop out of combat or something

Talents would let them focus on either burst dps or dot.
They’d be single target focused but at least one aoe melee move

After playing Until You Fall, I’m obsessed with this idea of melee in Orbus. Please consider this! For folks with nothing but criticism for the idea, try to think of solutions instead of problems =) Thanks!

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So… this has been talked about many many many times
The conclusion that the community has come to is that with the current boss mechanics it simply won’t work
While I support the idea, I just don’t think that it would work
About the tanks learning, things like raid boss 2 would be very difficult
On raid boss 5 you may have to sprint across the entire room to get to a circle
On mist keeper, if you screw up you die to the mist and there is yellow phase (spread apart)
Another thing is being a tank main, tanks shouldn’t have to learn to tank around dps classes
Correction, classes shouldn’t have to learn to play around another class
Even if the melee stands on the other side of the boss, they made need heals with no time to bounce and the healer may miss
It’s simply too complicated and problematic to be implemented

This outlines a bigger issue - movement in combat. The introduction of restricted movement in combat felt like a band-aid to prevent players from running past enemies and to prevent kiting game play. It’s a band-aid that’s never felt right. Just because an enemy sees me, I can no longer walk? It makes no sense. I’m sure with some brainstorming the community could come up with a better system.

This already impacts shamans in a huge and negative way. If it also means that this game will never see a melee dps class then it’s definitely something worth looking into and talking a lot more about.

A. It seems perfectly fine to me

B. You have teleport and combat sprint

C. It’s not if an enemy sees you
Your agro circle shrinks as you level and go to lower level areas

D. Can’t have melee DPS classes

If it’s not worth trying to solve then we’ll have to wait for the next VR mmo to come along that does it better so we can have all of the major RPG class types.

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