Merchant Stall Suggestions V2

I have decided to compile all of the suggestions I had for the merchant into one. I really would love to see these implemented soon as this is a huge QOL impact for stall owners.

  • Always show “Withdraw Amount: 0”, and update 0 with any available money (to help combat the having to buy something before showing your money bug).
  • Do the same Grab mechanic on the stall chest as the chest inside the houses.
  • Add Tabs(like the inv backpack), or increase the slots on the stalls, Just selling common goods I am already out of slots to use to sell things (and I would like to seperate tab goods, EX. Herbs, potions, fishing stuff, etc.) - If there is nothing in the other tabs, don’t show that tab option to the player in the shop UI.
  • Add a business journal of the sorts to show what was purchased, when, for how much, and the quantity. (I currently have to spend 45+ minutes logging this manually from screen shots i have to take.)
  • Show Tab 1’s goods on the table like the alchemy stand / fishing stand, Just dont let people run off with items…
  • Allow us to customize a sign near the stall or on the inside back wall behind the NPC.
  • Add a permission based system to allow some of my fellowship members to add items, a different level to take items out, and another level to withdraw money. (more customization the better)
  • Give the stall owners an option to show quantity of goods vs hide

If you have more ideas / wish to expand on the stall suggestions feel free to elaborate here.


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