Mid Week Madness (Deset World Boss Event!) 5/16


Greetings Orbus Community!!! The Super Friends would like to invite you all to attend a run at the infamous Sanyael, leader of the desert worms!

Where: Desert Zone, East of Tarth Fa Dathrun
When: Wednesday the 16th of May, pulls start at 11PM EST. Please be a little early if you haven’t done the boss before, so you can get the explanation and strategy used to beat the boss.
Voice Comms: Orbus Community Discord

Keep in mind that we be killing the boss more than once, so feel free to stick around and party with the community in between pulls. We will be killing the boss multiple times to get the awesome cape and epic rings the boss drops.

We look forward to seeing you there!


I’m sorry, but would it be possible to take the EU players in consideration too when selecting the time for the event?


What level do I need to be to attend?


Any level can attend, but anyone below 18 is likely to get 1 shot by the AOE the boss does. That being said, you can always run back after the boss is dead and claim loot if you get a drop.


Hey G, this also takes into account the Australian players. This time was meant as an alternative to the weekend runs Alphabet usually leads, as not everyone has a chance to run on the weekends. With a gaming community that spans the globe, every event is going to conflict with someone’s schedule. This isn’t meant to be non inclusive of our EU community members and we happily invite all who are able to be online. :slight_smile:


power to the EST players!


Could anyone tell me what the symbols are for the closest teleportation pillar?


It’s F H

20 Characters


how dare you good sir, it is actually slighty slanted F and ladder with 2 slanted steps


We are specifically trying to get folks who can’t play early a chance to knock this boss out, but we are already talking about doing another one early in the day the following week to help EU players who haven’t had a chance on the weekend to get theirs too.


I just sort of happened upon a raid of this boss yesterday. Went out to grind with the sand worms and there was a huge group of people there. It was a lot of fun.


How dare you organize this at a time during which I am at work. I demand that you organize another such event at my convenience.


Just a bump on the thread to remind everyone that we will be doing the world boss on Wed! Should be fun with the new networking changes to the client!


Big last bump as a reminder for tonight’s event!!! See you all there!


For anyone new to Worm Boss or just looking for a good rundown of how the fight goes. @Camo3d made a tutorial of the fight:


That video was super helpful! Thanks for linking it.


Good luck, have fun!


Thanks super friends!! That was great!


Glad everyone could make it for some fun times. After we weeded out what was going on with the tail shooting asshat, things went smooth as butter. :slight_smile: We will likely be doing it again next Wed, and will make another post.


Please no. Try Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.