Mini-Test Thursday October 5th

Hey everyone,

Those of you who were able to join us last night know that unfortunately we ran into a few more bugs than we anticipated. The good news is that I was able to spend some time working on it last night and this morning, and I believe that we have the largest issue (which was causing nearly constant disconnect issues) worked out. There may still be other bugs but we won’t know until we try again.

So, I’m planning to basically do the same song-and-dance tonight.

Tonight (Thursday, October 5th) at 8 PM US Central Time (Countdown Clock) I will turn the server on for about an hour.

The patch is already live to download for tonight, if you participated last night it should be a very small download.

Assuming things go well, we should be able to try for that Highsteppe boss fight. Same rules apply as last time (e.g. nothing you do will be saved, etc.) If you’re able to hop on for a bit that would be great.

See you then!


Awesome - will see everyone tonight!

Woo-hoo! I’m not stuck at work today! I’ll meet y’all in highstep. :cowboy_hat_face:

Updated fine and ready to rol!

Part 2 here we go! So excited

Gah! I almost hope it doesn’t go so well so that I can finally join in on the Friday night one. :grin:

But really, I hope the bugs were squished and that you have fun with the boss!

Oh snap! Super excited :smiley:

I’m super excited, as i was incredibly sad to see that last mini test i tried to get in on and my math was wrong, i thought it was an hour ahead, but it was actually an hour behind. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. i cannot stress how sad i was. thank you :slight_smile:

see you all in highstep!

The server is now online.

Here goes nothing, as they say :slight_smile:

So far so good, the bug from last night seems to be fixed. I’m going to wait around 15 minutes before spawning in the World Boss, though.

Everything running really smooth!

I just reset the server to spawn in the world boss (in case you got DC’ed there). Have fun!

Can we get elongata respawned please? :slight_smile:


It will respawn after 5 minutes…so probably like 2 more minutes.

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Where can I do my bug reporting as I have a few I encountered?

You can do it right here in this thread. Keep in mind there is probably a lot of stuff that might be broken right now as this is like a half-baked client since we’re in the middle of a dev cycle. Anything networking-related would be helpful, though.

Okay, that’s it for tonight, thanks everyone!

I would love your feedback on how it went for you tonight. In particular, I want to know:

  1. Did you have any disconnects? If so, how often?
  2. How did tonight compare to your usual experience networking-wise in previous tests? Fewer dc’s? More? Especially if you’re someone who was previously having disconnects frequently in previous tests, let me know how it went!


I had a lot of disconnects with this and yesterdays mini-test. I know you had to make a kind of special build for me and a few others to get it to work. I froze completely in game while talking to someone animations of monsters walking kept going but couldn’t cast spells or talk and had to re-log to fix it. All in all it was a lot rougher than the other tests I’ve been in.