Miniature games

Open to all ideas here. Best to keep it simple so it’s easier to implement.

/random dice roll

Black jack/21

Anyone have any simple ideas? There are times in games when your in a group and have to wait for something or someone and it would be nice to have some ways to pass the time. These should be games that can be played anywhere at any time. (Except combat maybe)


I wanna say Rock Paper Scissors… but with the different types of controllers out there I am not sure if that is realistic. We got fingers tho… so … maybe it could happen…

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Drinking game in the tavern. How many ruined potions can you drink before you die?


Great idea that already exists now if there’s a way to make this same idea exist anywhere without needing ruined potions or dying it would be perfect. Some scenarios you wait for, think boss 2 I’m hm citadel, you don’t want to die since it resets what you’re waiting for.

I know it’s more complicated, but it would be awesome to see the old Orbus chess set make it’s way into Reborn as a mini-game :upside_down_face:

A deck of cards is another pretty generic, useful tool for wasting time.

The other question becomes, can all players interact with the same objects, whether they’re ‘owned’ by a single player? Or can only the ‘owner’ interact with these objects? I could see where you could wind up with a lot of ‘clutter’ from people leaving their cards/dice/etc. laying around if they persist a long time and can be interacted with by anyone. I am definitely not a programmer though and I may be overthinking this! :upside_down_face: