Minnow and large minnow

I did not understand how I find minnow or large minnow?

they both the same

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The map I put together contains some fishing locations if you want to know where specifically to find them, without doing the searching on your own :slight_smile:

Reborn Map and Teleport Locations

I thought that MINNOW is item cuz i sew on wiki For example
Sun Fish

  • Lure: Lesser eye (primary), Small tongue, large minnow.
  • Location: All of Highsteppe

Saddled Lion Eel

  • Lure: Blue Scales (primary), Lesser Eye, Minnow.
  • Location: SouthEast and NorthWest Rainforest.

Ya for some reason the devs decided that the Large Minnow you can catch you can also use as lure component. Ppl just abbriviate it for Minnow sometimes.

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The locations on the wiki images are decidedly out of date. There used to be good names for each of the water regions, but right now thatโ€™s a little hard. The map will show you the right spots.

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